Euro cylinder

ERA Fortress Euro Cylinder Review

The new Fortress euro cylinder from ERA, has been designed to grant the most protection and peace of mind so you know your house is safe from would be intruders. the ERA Fortress is a high security and performance euro profile locking cylinder that has six hardened high security pins to thwart all attacks by being anti-pick, anti-drill and anti-bump resistant simply put this cylinder offers the most resistance to any or all kinds of forced entry and This is fully backed by independent testing to fulfill the newest security standards.

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The Era Fortress also boosts additional pins for drill resistance and 6 trap pins for enhanced pick resistance, also included in its design is anti snap safety features that provided excellent resistance to forced entry and if attacked, a extra security pin is automatically triggered blocking the cylinder cam preventing ALL attempts of unlawful entry.

ERA Fortress Euro Cylinder review

The ERA Fortress has been Independently tested to the best levels of security and has achieved.
British Standard Kitemark (TS007 3*)
Sold Secure Diamond
Secured by design accreditation

The dual coloured cylinder which may be employed in all types of coloured handles white, brass, silver and black is provided with 3 keys and the double cylinders allows for controlled access from each side, No additional security hardware is required but installing this three-star cylinder combined with security hardware complying with TS 007 will further increase attack resistance. Security hardware will be of several types, including a handle with a reinforced backplate, an escutcheon or a tool which is concealed behind the handle backplate. in all cases, the aim is to shield your cylinder from brute force attacks.

Overall the ERA Fortress could be a excellent high security lock that gives the highest specifications of security but at a price that suits all budgets. the era Fortress is a well manufactured lock that as writing we’ve had no issues with reliability unlike Other 3* locks that cost almost double. If your looking to increase security but with out breaking the bank then we strongly recommend upgrading your Euro profile locks to the ERA Fortress.

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Why should you upgrade your locks?
Most Upvc door suppliers are always looking at the bottom line and what profits they create from making and supplying Upvc doors and if that means installing low quality low security budget Euro cylinders they will. Burglars and intruders are fully aware of this and now target these styles of locks to achieve entry quickly. Upgrading your locks will be a instant deterrent to those would be intruders because they are fully aware that they can’t open good quality high security locks.

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Yale Smart Alarm Review

Yale Smart Home Alarm review

Yale offers lots of different alarm systems, but this is by far its smartest. Designed for people who are unwilling to fork out a monthly fee for a managed system but are happy self monitor and get push alerts to their smart phone to tell them if and when the alarm has been triggered.
If you’re wondering what marks the difference between a smart and non-smart alarm, well that’s it basically – real time push notifications direct to your smart phone so you know what’s happening even if you’re not at home. Plus, the smart phone app gives you full control over setting and disarming as well as configuring and renaming devices and accessories.

Alarm systems are designed to be functional really rather then attractive and just like other manufacturers Yale have made its sensors and accessories design unobtrusive in a glossy plastic yet robust casing. All sensors and accessories are completely wireless and come with a long two-year battery life.

Yale Smart Intruder alarm review
Yale Smart Alarm

The wireless window/door sensors are much smaller when compared to most other manufactures designs and are attached either with the provided adhesive pads or fixed by screwing them directly into the window or door frame. Every sensor has a spring-activated tamper switch so if a sensor is dislodged or deliberately removed you are alerted via the smart phone app and the alarm sounds.

The motion sensors are fixed in place via screws and raw plugs directly into a wall there is adhesive mount option. Standard motion detection or pet-friendly sensors are available, pet friendly sensors are designed to ignore movement below a certain height in the room or space, meaning a pets movement will not trigger the alarm when the alarm is set but it’s worth bearing in mind if a pet jumps up on furniture above a set height movement will be picked up and would trigger the alarm.

The full range of accessory’s you can add to your Yale Smart Alarm

Yale alarm door contact / window sensors
Motion sensors
Yale Remote Key Fob
Multi Sensor Smoke Detectors
Yale Smart Home Plug
PIR Video Camera
PIR Picture Camera
Yale Keypad
External alarm box
Panic Button

They system allows for upto 40 different sensors or accessories to be able to be added to a single system and has a range of up to 200 meters so you can safely protect even the biggest of properties and also include out buildings a garages.

Once you’ve added all the sensors and accessories you require you can now set up how you want the system to work.. Yale gives you complete control of each device individually allowing you to set how you want it to operate, based on four main set up modes.

Entry Zone mode means the that alarm activation is delayed in both fully and part-armed modes. This is designed for devices around your front door or any other entry point as it gives someone enough time to get in and disable the alarm like using the keypad.

Burglar mode triggers the alarm immediately as soon as a sensor is activated and works in both fully and part armed alarm modes.

Home Omit mode triggers the alarm immediately on fully armed mode, but the sensor is ignored in part-arm mode.

Home Access mode triggers immediately for fully armed mode, but has a delay for the part-armed mode. These options cover all eventualities, and give you total the upmost control.

You also have the ability to Bypass a sensor or sensors completely, which can be useful if you have a good reason to temporarily not want to use a sensor, maybe your looking after a friend’s pet that may trigger a motion sensor when you’re out. Or have builders working in a set area of the home.

It’s great to see a Jamming mode has also been included, Jamming mode can intelligently detect someone attempting to block the wireless signal of the alarm system and automatically triggers the alarm.

In all the Yale Smart Home Alarm is a very well rounded entry to smart home security, affordable price but with more then enough features and accessories that make its more expensive competitors looking over their shoulders.

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Ultion smart lock review

Ultion Smart Lock Review

If your looking to install a Smart Lock then you’ll find the Brisant Ultion Smart lock ticks all the boxes, Brisant the company behind the Ultion lock has thrown its cap into the smart lock ring and delivered. Instead of developing there own system they have built their Smart lock upon the already tested Dana Lock, so any reliability issues found with some smart locks are not here. Dana Smart Lock and the Dana Smart Lock app are widely regarded as market leaders in the Smart Lock world.

Here at LS Locksmiths we install the Bluetooth & Zigbee version that gives control via proximity & WiFi (if connected to a hub like smarter things) so you have total control via a smart phone app to adjust settings and the status of the lock like battery life, locked or unlocked and user logs. Even if you do not connect to WiFi you have the option to send virtual keys.

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Ultion smart lock review
Ultion Smart lock from inside

Virtual Keys is the ability to create user access on the app this can be for a set period that you desire (short term or long term) the app then sends a text to the new user and they download the app and now can open and close the lock with just a smart phone, this is great for friends and family, carers, trades or guests like a AirBnB or holiday let. Unlike some other Smart Locks makers there are no limits on virtual keys or additional charges plus if you would like multiple locks on the same property or multiple properties you can control up 100!

One of the better features we like about the Ultion Smart lock is you still have a manual key lock on the outside should you ever need it, just like you can lose your keys if you lost your phone with a little help from a locksmith or having a key present means you can still unlock and lock the old fashioned One of the best features is that this Smart Lock will fit to almost every Upvc and composite door as well as wooden doors as lock as used with a timber multipoint or dead lock so that’s almost every type of door used on homes in Nottingham and the UK. Fitting is also very easy as long as your aware of the type of handles you already have in place and the width measurement of the door.

Review of the Ultion smart lock
View from outside

LS Locksmiths offer a complete install and set up service for the Ultion Smart Lock, our Locksmiths will visit to view the doors suitability, measure and create a bespoke Ultion Smart Lock for your door. Our service includes installation, setup and calibration so your system is ready to use to find out more about the Ultion Smart lock or to get a no obligation quote contact our Nottingham Smart Lock team on 0115 8320195

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Asec Video door bell Review

Asec Video door bell Review

The Asec Smart Video Doorbell is a doorbell that sends instant alerts to your Smartphone when the doorbell is pressed. The doorbell also includes high definition 1080p video footage with night vision, so you can are able to view visitors at the door, day or night. The Asec Smart Video Doorbell also includes intelligent  motion detection technology which can alert you and begin recording should somebody be present at the property without pressing the doorbell, this footage can be instantly viewed at any time as long as you have a internet connection. The Asec smart video door bells also includes 2-way audio so you can have the ability to hear and talk back via the built in microphone and speaker to your visitors.

The Asec Video Doorbell connects to your home broadband via Wi-Fi using the 2g band and is powered by a rechargeable battery which can be recharged by the USB charging cable included. The Asec Video Doorbell can also be hard wired or connected to your existing electric doorbell wiring if you prefer.

Asec Video door bell Review

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Remote Viewing by SmartPhone App
It is very easy to view, recorded and live video from your SmartPhone using the ToSee App ( available for both iOS and Android) when your Asec video Doorbell is connected to your home internet router via Wi-Fi. No extra monthly subscription fee is required to view live or saved video.

HD 1080p Video
The integrated camera allows for high definition 1080p footage so that you can view who’s at the door. You can view live footage at anytime via the ToSee app and the camera includes intelligent motion detection technology which alerts you when detected. The camera also has the ability to shoot night vision video from up to 4 meters away providing crisp clear footage at all times of the day and night.

Power Supply
The Asec Smart Video Doorbell has a built in rechargeable battery which you recharge via a micro USB cable which is also included. When the battery begins to get low a low battery indicator appears in the ToSee app to let you know. Alternatively, you can hard wire the doorbell in to your mains electric or connect to your existing electric doorbell wiring.

Requirements: This video doorbell system requires a broadband internet connection with a Wi-Fi router using the 2g band. SmartPhone must running iOS 9.3 and above or Android 4.4 and above and the ToSee app installed.

Smart video door bell review

Overall the Asec Video doorbell is a great product that is perfectly priced for its spec at around £120 which includes a remote chime that retails separately at £20, during our testing we found the video to be perfect in day, low light and night situations and the included smart phone app very easy to use, there is a slight lag for the video and audio but nothing that effects usage to badly. We found the battery life with normal moderate usage to be 3-4 months and recharging to be a few hours.


Price, Battery life, Smart phone app, install and set up,


slight delay/lag on audio and video, tweaking sensitivity on motion detection to prove the false negatives

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Ultion lock fitting Nottingham

Review of the Brissant Ultion 3* Euro cylinder

Brissant are a lock manufacture based in Dewsbury who have taken the meaning of high security locks to another level. We first started to rave about Brissant a few years ago when they released the Brissant E a 5 pin Euro cylinder that addressed security issues that other manufactures we not willing to do so. It was one of the first on the market to use its security as a selling point rather then price tag.

It was then we coined the phrase “Brissant the Locksmiths lock” and by that we mean if a locksmith has to pick a lock to put on his own home then this was the lock and we did!

Following on from the Brissant-E came the Brissant-D and the hugely popular Brissant-BS but instead of resting on their laurels they decided to produce what would be their most security advanced lock to date the Ultion.

Ultion Locks Nottingham
Types of Ultion High Security locks

Combining features from both previous releases the Ultion is not only a incredibly robust and secure lock but it’s well a thing of beauty- a engineering thing of beauty.

The Ultion lock is made with molybdenum and features hardened steel pins, plugs and plates that will prevent even hardened drill bits getting through. And even if you did manage to get part of the way in with a drill bit or attempted to brute force snap the cylinder a innovative security feature called locked down would intelligently intervene freezing the centre cam in position and stop the attempt in its tracks.

Ultion lock fitting Nottingham

So would we recommend changing your lock to the Ultion lock?
Definitely yes burglars are lazy and are only looking for the easiest way in, they have learned how to attack locks and can quickly break into homes – the Ultion will stop them in there tracks I will also go as far as to say the moment they see the lock fitted in your door they won’t even try an attempt and will move on to find a easier “job” the Ultion is the ultimate deterrent.

Okay it’s a great lock that’s super secure but what if I get locked out am I not going to get back in?
Whenever new locks are released we always make sure that as qualified Locksmiths we learn the skills and knowledge on how the lock works, and how to open them safely and without damage to the lock or door, sometimes that will require building dedicated tools or hours of training but that’s always been the way and I guess that’s what we love about being Locksmiths. Yes this is a great lock that’s very very secure but our Locksmiths will be able to get you back in.

If you would like to learn more about the Ultion range of locks or would like a quote for having your locks upgraded to Ultion locks then give our team a call on 0115 8320195 our Locksmiths are on hand to provide FREE advice and quotes on Ultion locks and other high security locks and how better protect your home or business.