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KeySafe installation Nottingham

What is a keysafe?
A key safe is a strong metal box in which you can securely stores the key to your door. It is installed outside into the brick or concrete of your property and your keys are stored inside and can only be accessed by using a combination code. The combination code is unique and only known by you and persons you give access, the combination code can be changed numerous times if required quickly and easily.

Install a key safe to allow access to carers.
A keysafe is the preferred choice to allow carers access to a property, they will be able to gain entry with out the occupant having to open the door, this could be for multiple carers or services and means that there is not numerous people with lots of keys to the property. The keysafe can also be used to gain access in emergency’s when a key holder is not present as the combination can be given out via a text message or phone call.

Install a key safe to allow access to friends or family.
Storing a key inside a keysafe is a much better idea then keeping a spare key under the door mat... for those times when someone forgot to take a key instead of being locked out in the cold they can use the correct combination to allow access to the key, maybe your away and would like a friend or neighbour to nip round and feed the fish or while your at work you need the dog walker to collect the pooch for his daily run round the park a key safe is ideal and should you need to you can remove access by quickly and easily changing the code.

Install a keysafe to allow access to builders or tradesmen.
Allow access to a property without you being present by installing a keysafe, numerous trades will be able to come and go without you having to always be present - one all trades have finished the keysafe can have the code changed and is always useful for friends and family. It is always a good idea that after all work is completed that the lock or lock is changed for full piece of mind.

Install a keysafe for a AirBnB or holiday let.
If you run a holiday let or AirBnB then installing a keysafe is almost necessary requirement, you will be able to securely leave keys for guests without being present and also give access to cleaners and trades if need be, the code to the keysafe can be changed by the cleaners or yourself after the guest and vacated ready and waiting for new guests. Most key safes will be fitted outside but if you have multiple rooms or apartments in a block a keysafe can be fitted by each individual door - if you have multiple locks a good option although more expensive but ideal for this usage is Smart locks.

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