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Affordable lock opening in Nottingham

Being unable to gain entry or unlock a lock is frustrating and inconvenient, nobody wants to be locked out of a room, property or business so we provide a 24 hour Emergency locksmith service we will be able to gain entry or unlock a lock quickly and without damage call our team on 0115 8320195 and get a quote to unlock a door in Nottingham.

Locks are designed to keep people out over hundreds of years manufactures have adapted and developed locks to the point that unless YOU have a working key to the lock your not going to get it open with out causing damage to the lock, the door or it’s frame, but just like the lock makers master locksmiths like LS Locksmiths Nottingham have developed skills, knowledge and tools to be able to open each and every lock.

So how does a locksmith open a lock?
There are 3 times of lock entry most commonly used by Locksmiths to unlock a door or gain entry to a property.
1. Bypass techniques - the study of locks and how they work means that certain flaws in design means that some locks can have there security bypassed and the lock can be opened.
2. Non destructive lock opening - using specially designed tools and a high level of skill and knowledge a lock can be picked open this technique will cause no damage to the lock and once open as long as a spare key is available the lock will not need to be replaced.
3. Destructive lock opening - this is always a last resort to the above two options and is usually only when a fault with the lock has developed and even with a key will not open meaning lock picking will not either. Destructive lock entry will require a new lock fitting afterwards but there will be no damage to the door or it’s frame and because the lock was faulty or broken it would have needed to be replaced anyway.

Here at LS Locksmiths we pride ourself on the skills, knowledge and experience we have as Master Locksmiths the when you require a lock opening or to gain entry we will be able to assist, our Locksmiths are constantly learning and practicing so we are fully equipped to help in your hour of need. We also know that being unable to open a lock is a expense that you would not have budgeted for so we offer affordable set fees for the job in hand. Once you call our team on 0115 8320195 they will ask a few short questions so they can determine the type of lock that requires opening and then quote a fixed set fee - the price quoted will never rise and includes all labour and parts charges as required.

Special discounts are available to Students, NHS and OAP so make sure the team are aware when calling so your discount is added to your quote. An example of how fair our charges are a student locked out of there bedroom requiring access during daytime hours is only £50 total cost.

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