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LS Locksmiths are your local locksmiths in Bilborough Nottingham we have dedicated locksmiths at your disposal in your area. Our locksmith Bilborough Nottingham service provides emergency locksmith services for lock outs etc, and a same day service for non emergency’s like Upvc door repairs. Our highly knowledgable and qualified locksmiths are on hand for advice or a no obligation quote call our team on 0115 8320195

One of our most requested locksmith service in Bilborough Nottingham is for repairs to double glazed doors.

The majority of housing in Bilbrough was constructed in the years after World War II and all the external doors were originally wooden doors, almost all the homes now either private or Council owned have been fitted with either Upvc double glazed doors or composite doors as they provide more security and less drafts.

Over time the locking parts on the door have a habit of breaking so will require repairs to be able to lock or unlock the door. The most common fault is door alignment that left unchecked adds extra stress on the locking mechanism and will cause a failure so if you notice that it’s taking more effort to lift the handle to lock the door then you most likely have a alignment issue and should act now to save money of needing extra parts replaced.

Over time day to day usage of opening and closing the door means the weight of the door is on the hinges and little by little the hinges will wear and the door can and will slightly drop and this small drop even though it’s just a few millimetres effects how the multipoint sits in the keeps located in the frame - if you look at the very top of the door when you go to close it as you lift the handle you may see the door lift up so it sits correctly this will over time wear the parts inside the multipoint found in your double glazed Upvc door or composite door and something will break usually in the locked position leaving you unable to use that door till a locksmith gets it open again. This is ok if you have access to another door but a lot of homes in Bilborough have a rear door but are a terraced house so leaving the garden area can be very tricky as almost all of the shared paths at the rear of houses are blocked or very overgrown through non usage.

If you require a locksmith to repair a double glazed door or would like advice on any of the services or products then please contact our locksmith Bilborough team today call 0115 8320195 and speak direct to a locksmith.

Do you need a locksmith in Bilborough Nottingham or more information on the locksmith Bilborough Nottingham services or products - call our landline today and speak to one of our team we can offer advice and no obligation quotes call 0115 8320195

About Bilborough Nottingham

Bilborough started life as a small rural village its name came from a Anglo-Saxon family called Billa, who had settled in the area around the seventh century.

During the time of the Domesday Survey Bilborough was part of The Peveral’s Nottinghamshire lands. Later on in the 13th Century, Bilborough had changed hands and now formed part of the de Strelley family estate, it remained in their hands for well over 350 years.

Right upto the mid 20th Century, Bilborough remained as a small rural village, but just like other small villages in the area after the Second World War it saw large-scale housing construction that would be used to home people displaced by Nottingham City Corporation’s slum clearance of areas like St Ann’s and the Meadows. The people moved there had establish new communities in what was effectively a whole new town.

St Martin’s Church is Bilborough’s oldest building originally built about 1356, on a site dedicated to St Cuthbert of Durham. Major restoration work was carried out to the church in 1888 and again 1972.

Balloon Houses and Balloon Wood - The true origin of the name is unknown but local theory’s suggest they were named as such because they stood on the crossroads of the Wollaton/Trowell Road area near a field that was used for experimental work on balloons.

Harvey Hadden Stadium was named after Harvey Hadden, a successful Nottingham businessman who when he passed away in Canada, left Nottingham City Council a considerable amount of money for the sole purpose of constructing and equipping a sports stadium at Bilborough Park, The stadium was opened on 8th August, 1959.

LS Locksmiths is local family run locksmiths based in the heart of Nottingham we offer a incredibly fast same day service, thats affordable while only using high quality branded products. Our business counts numerous letting agencies, landlords and returning customers who use and recommend our low cost, fast and service. Call 0115 8320195 or use message system below this post.

LS Locksmiths Nottingham is not a franchise, we do not sub contract to national locksmith companies. We never charge a call out fee and prices quoted are fixed totals no VAT.

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