Upvc lock repairs Nottingham

Upvc Lock Repairs Nottingham

Affordable Upvc lock and locking mechanism repairs Nottingham

Upvc doors are hugely popular in Nottingham and across the UK, designed to keep out the elements, noise and bad guys, they are a great cost effective addition to homes and businesses. Here at LS Locksmiths we offer a huge range of Upvc locks and locking mechanisms for both Upvc doors and Upvc windows, in addition we also supply and fit extra security and safety devices and products.

Upvc door locks
Upvc doors use a lock called a Euro Cylinder this is the part where the key goes in to unlock and lock these locks come in a large range of sizes depending on the doors thickness - the correct size must be used on the door so you do not create security or usage problems - if you have a issue with the Euro cylinder or require a Euro lock change then call our team, we stock every imaginable size on our vans so we can replace your old lock in just one visit. If you would like to increase you Euro lock cylinder security we can upgrade your locks to the highest security Euro locks that have features that include Anti Pick, Anti Bump, Anti Drill and Anti Snap. As well as standard style euro cylinders we supply and fit Euro thumb turn locks ( this uses a key from the outside and a turn on the inside) and the latest Smart locks (forget keys and use your smart phone to unlock your door)

Upvc door lock mechanisms
In Upvc doors the lock mechanics is comprises of two parts the multipoint which is fixed into the door and the keep which is fixed into the frame when the door is closed and the handle lifted the multipoint engages using a combination of rollers, hooks and bolts into the keep creating a tight and secure seal. Over many years usage or misalignment issues the multipoint can develop faults and/or fail completely and replacement will be needed - LS Locksmiths stock every make and model of Upvc multipoint’s available and will be able to supply and fit in most cases in just one visit, should you be unlucky to have a Upvc door with a multipoint that is no longer in production we will be able to supply a system that will fit your door just the same so no need to replace the door.

Upvc window lock handles
Upvc window handles are a simple yet effective design to lock and unlock Upvc windows, a quarter turn either clock wise or anti clock wise depending on how the window is hung turns a spindle that works the Upvc window mechanism the handle body will almost always contain a small lock that stops the handle being turned keeping the window locked in the closed position. Window handles yet basic can last for many many years with out any issues but general wear and tear, maybe the loss of key or a spindle fault may leave the owner unable to lock/unlock or open/close. We always carry a range of different style and colour ways of Upvc handles and will be able to open and remove and replace with a new working version

Upvc window locking mechanisms
Most Upvc window locking mechanisms use a very basic sliding motion to interact with a fixed keep creating a very tight secure seal without many moving parts they are designed to last a long time with little or no maternance, on when issues with the alignment of the window or ingress of rain or moisture will make the Upvc window locking mechanism break - luckily LS Locksmiths have the tools and know how to remove and replace faulty or broken Upvc window locking mechanisms even when the part has failed in the locked postition.

Additional security and safety features for Upvc windows and doors.
Upvc windows and doors are already very secure and safe but new products on the market can be fitted to increase security and safety like window restricters, Upvc jammers and sash locks to learn more about additional Upvc window and door security and safety features please call 0115 8320195 and speak to one of our team for FREE advice and quotes

here you can find more information on the most common Upvc problems

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