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Outdoor security lights will assist and provide reassurance when you approach your property at night. A recent Which? survey found that almost 70% of people worry more about home security during the darker winter months, especially when the clocks go back. Almost 25% surveyed said they will leave lights on inside the house, to try to give the impression it is occupied.

Security lights really help to brighten external areas around your home. At the back of your property, external lighting can be used bridge the gap between inside and out allowing to open up the space for socialising, as well as allowing you to be alerted to activity in your back garden.

Security lighting should only be installed by a qualified electrician who will plan where fitting a security light will be most effective outside your home. And while security lights can warn intruders that they’ve been detected, if not correctly located they can light up vulnerable areas of your home and actually assist intruders making a break in easier.

Where to install security lights
LS Locksmiths recommends installing security lighting above your front door, this gives clear sight of callers - did you know we also install video door bells? - the light should not be too high up or straight above the door, as this can cast a shadow over the caller’s face in shadow, making it harder to identify.

We also recommend to fit security lighting security down any side passageway, to detect unwanted visitors, as well as at the back of the house. This is extremely important if you have any doors or windows that could provide a opportunity to would be intruders.

Security lighting should never be installed where the light shines directly into a neighbours property. The Environmental Protection Act 1990 makes light pollution a ‘statutory nuisance’ if outdoor or security lights ‘unreasonably and substantially interfere with the use or enjoyment of a home or other premises’. In extreme cases, you could be issued with an abatement notice by your council.

LS Locksmiths will be able to advise you on the best location for all your external security lights.

Types of Security Lighting
The two types of security lighting are manual security lighting which you turn on and off from inside the home and Automatic security lighting that turns on when movement or heat is detected.

If you’re lighting areas that aren’t permanently overlooked by you or your neighbours like at the back or side of your property, it makes more sense to be able to turn the security lights on and off yourself, lighting areas not overlooked can actually make it easier for intruders rather than providing a deterrent.

At the front of your property, or in areas that are overlooked, a movement or PIR heat sensor light will be prove to be more useful. This type of security light automatically detects someone’s presence and will turn the light on. If your front door close the pavement, ensuring the sensor is located appropriately, otherwise the light could come on as people walk past your house.

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