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Change lock on a double glazed door

If you value security then at some point your going to want to change the euro cylinder lock fitted to your double glazed, Upvc or composite doors especially if it’s old, a recent property purchase or to consolidate just who has a key. The older the euro cylinder the high likely hood is its very low in the security rankings and lacks security features like anti pick pins, anti drill, anti bump and anti snap.
A affordable new euro cylinder fitted will not just add these security features but will also mean you also now are fully aware who has a key to your property – if your really concerned about people maybe duplicating a key you give them then opt for a restricted key lock only you or who you authorise can get copies made.

Do you want to change the Euro lock or locks on your double glazed, Upvc or composite door but not a fan of DIY then give our team a call on 0115 8320195 we supply and fit high quality affordable anti pick, anti snap anti drill and anti bump Euro lock cylinders in all sizes including 1* & 3* top security rated.

First off before you are going to want to measure the distance from the edge of your existing handles to the Euro lock retaining screw located on the multipoint strip – in some older double glazed doors and wooden doors you may not have a multipoint strip just what looks like a sash lock remove the faceplate screws and under the faceplate you will see the Euro retaining screw.


Euro lock measurement
Dedicated Euro lock measuring tool – you can use a rule or tape measure

When measuring do it as two separate measurements

External to retaining screw
Internal to retaining screw

How to measure a Euro lock cylinder

Some lock makers only at security pins, anti snap features to the external side of the lock as it’s the side a attempted would only occur from outside/external

Use this measurement to order your new Euro lock ready for fitting.

Once you have your new Euro lock your ready to remove the old one and fit its replacement.

Start by removing the Euro cylinder retaining screw this is most likely a posidrive screw but older types use a flat head or even a Allen key grub screw.

Euro lock retaining screw

Once removed you will want to loosen the screws on handles slightly or full to completely remove the handles to aid the removal of the Euro cylinder the handle screws can be found on the internal side of the door located below the Euro cylinder and either below or above the handle ( in some cases there are 3 screws but mostly just two and in some handles there is a Allen grub screw in the handle, if removing the handles this will also need to be slightly loosened off)

Remove Upvc door handles

Next step is to slide the Euro lock out you will need to use a working key for the lock. Insert the working key we will call this 12 O’Clock and turn to either 11 O’Clock or 1 O’Clock depending on which side the door is hung and pull the key towards you and slide the Euro lock out – the Euro lock has a cam that needs to be aligned inside it’s lock body for it to slide out, if it will not slide out at 11 O’Clock then try turning to 1 O’Clock and pull to slide out.

Euro lock Nottingham
Turn key to 11 O’Clock
Euro locks Nottingham
Turn key to 1 O’Clock

Once out you can reverse the removal actions to fit your new Euro lock.

Remove the Euro lock from its packaging and insert a key it was supplied with to the internal side of the lock this will either be engraved on the lock or you will need to use the measurements that you took to purchase to know which side is internal.

Buy Euro locks Nottingham

Euro locks Nottingham

Turn the key again to either 11 O’Clock or 1 O’Clock so the cam is aligned in the Euro lock body and slide into the door from the internal side – if you left the handles on then this will help to know how far to slide the Euro lock in as your new lock should be located from each edge of the handle if not as you slide the Euro lock in look through the hole where the retaining screw goes on the multipoint strip as you slide the lock through you will see the lock pass and stop sliding when you see the retaining screw hole on the lock.

Once in place turn the key back to 12 O’Clock and re screw in the retaining screw next you will need to re fit the handles or tighten the handle screws back up be aware as to not over tighten the screws.

You’ll next want to test the Euro lock it’s working so close the door loft the handle and turn the key test it’s locked and that’s it! Just to be on the safe side I would recommend that all the keys are tested on both sides of the lock internal and external.

We hope our guide has been a help but if your unsure on any points we gave and need advice don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0115 8320195

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