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Home Safes Nottingham
It used to be that we thought of safes as something you only found in banks or the homes of the very rich. But in more recent times, more and more people have decided to install a home safe as a way of protecting valuables and personal documents against the threat of burglary or fire.

LS Locksmiths provide a wide range of home safes in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire All our safes are constructed to the highest quality standards and are extremely durable, we source our safes from the leading UK manufacturers that includes Dudley, Churchill, or Securikey, as well as worldwide recognised brands such as Phoenix. Installing a safe will guarantee the safety of family heirlooms, jewellery, valuables, or important documents such as passports or birth certificates.

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Types of Home Safes

Standalone Home Safe
From small safes that can be picked up and moved by a single person to larger safes the size of a under counter fridge almost all standalone safes will be made of steel and can be constructed to add a high level of fire resistance. They offer a few different types of ways to be securely locked from key lock, to combination lock, electronic keypad locks or a combination of said types. Smaller standalone safes should be securely fixed to the floor or another surface while larger safes are generally are just free standing, the weight of a large safe discourages ant attempt of removal. A Standalone safe can be easily located almost any anywhere but is best situated in a “out of the way” place. Just make sure you have enough space to be able to open and close the safe door fully.

Wall Safes
Wall safes are a extremely popular way to hide important documents and other valuables in the home. This type of safe is used to store valuables and important documents inconspicuously out of sight. The wall safe is also more convenient than a floor safe or free standing safe because it is connected to the studs in the wall at a height that does not require the owner to bend or stoop down to access it. For added security it can be securely concreted into place.

Floor Safes
Floor safes are imbedded into a concrete floor. This makes them almost impossible to remove. The biggest down side to embedding it in the floor is that it can succumb to the elements and over time rust, because of how it is installed. Preventative measures can be taken to reduce any likelihood of rust damage so being installed by a professional is always best.

Commercial Safes Nottingham
Most businesses require a much higher level of security than home owners. They process and save documents and data, as also higher cash money on a daily basis. Various unique vault and safe issues can be very important in situations like this. Commercial safes may also link an alarm system with their money safe or vault to added a even stronger ring of security.

Many of the home safes that we have discussed previously can and are used by businesses. But a few are very specific to business use. You may have heard of some of these safes. Office Safe, Drop Safe, Deposit Safe, Hotel Safe, Bank Vault, Data Safe, Media Safe.

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