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LS Locksmiths are your local locksmiths in Colwick Nottingham we have dedicated locksmiths at your disposal in your area. Our locksmith Colwick Nottingham service provides emergency locksmith services for lock outs etc, and a same day service for non emergency’s like Upvc door repairs. Our highly knowledgable and qualified locksmiths are on hand for advice or a no obligation quote call our team on 0115 8320195

One of our most requested locksmith service in Colwick Nottingham is for a free security survey

Do you really know how secure your property is? Are your locks up to spec and meet your home insurance criteria? No matter if you’ve just moved into a new home or it’s been your home for years it’s always best to know just how secure your property is a that you do not become a victim of crime - homes are built to keep intruders out but over time criminals gain knowledge on security vulnerabilities and use this to gain entry into properties. The security in place on your home should always be just not one step ahead of criminals but a few steps. Our free home security survey will find any vulnerability’s in security in your home, garage or outbuildings if present and offer advice on how better you can protect your property inline with insurance criteria, this could be as simple as making sure your locks are British Standard approved, adding additional locks to windows and out buildings if needed and advice on home alarms.

Our security survey is and always will be a free service and any advice we give on products and upgrades come with a no obligation quote.

If you require a locksmith to do a free security survey or would like advice on any of the services or products then please contact our locksmith Colwick team today call 0115 8320195 and speak direct to a locksmith.

Do you need a locksmith in Colwick Nottingham or more information on the locksmith Colwick Nottingham services or products - call our landline today and speak to one of our team we can offer advice and no obligation quotes call 0115 8320195

About Colwick Nottingham

Colwick was originally comprised of two small settlements - Over Colwick and East Colwick.

Colwick has its own cheese! a type of cottage cheese that was created by John Clarkeston, who died in 1645 and is buried in Colwick Old Church.

The cheese was a very popular and familiar that would be made in schools and at home, very often in the shape of a bowl which then fruit, cream or jam could be placed in, the vice president of Nottingham civic society Hilary Silvester shared her knowledge of Colwick cheese.

“I remember from my childhood my mother making Colwick cheese by pouring sour milk through muslin cloth to catch the curds, then tying the top of the cloth together and hanging it out on the clothes line to drain., then squeezing and moulding it into a round shape similar to Camembert. It tasted very like today’s cottage cheese....I recall eating it spread on bread with pepper and salt.”

The Harrison family specialised in the Colwick cheese and sold them on Wednesdays in the Market square and later moved to Central market in 1928 where they remained until it closed. Because of it popularity the black boy hotel and Kings Grocery Shop in Friar’s lane also stocked it. Richmond’s diary at the top of Ransom Road near the junction with Woodborough Road, was the noted premises for its commercial production. It made eight tonnes of the cheese a day.

Commercial production stopped in 1993 when the Richmond Dairy closed down.

Recipe from Nottinghamshire regional recipes website

“Use full-cream-milk – 2 gallons (9 litres) will make two small cheese. Heat the milk to 90 mix in rennet in the proportion of 1 drachm to 1 1.2 gallons of milk. Top stir till curd forms, then leave in a covered bucket for 1 1.2 hours, Mark the top of the each with the Colwick hoop, slice off the two ‘tops/ and put them on one side. Line the two hoops with your muslin, then ladle the curd into the hoops. Leave to drain a little, then slide on the two top[s and fold the muslin over the top of the hoop. Leave to drain again, then pull the cloths up and inwards, pulling the curd away from the edge of the hoop. Do this several times whilst draining is going on. This will then produce the characteristic curling over the edge of the Colwick cheese. After 24 hours of draining the cheese should be firm enough to handle- do not turn the cheese during draining. When really firm the hoop can be removed and the cloth pulled away; it is then ready to eat.”

LS Locksmiths is local family run locksmiths based in the heart of Nottingham we offer a incredibly fast same day service, thats affordable while only using high quality branded products. Our business counts numerous letting agencies, landlords and returning customers who use and recommend our low cost, fast and service. Call 0115 8320195 or use message system below this post.

LS Locksmiths Nottingham is not a franchise, we do not sub contract to national locksmith companies. We never charge a call out fee and prices quoted are fixed totals no VAT.

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