Ultion lock fitting Nottingham

Review of the Brissant Ultion 3* Euro cylinder

Brissant are a lock manufacture based in Dewsbury who have taken the meaning of high security locks to another level. We first started to rave about Brissant a few years ago when they released the Brissant E a 5 pin Euro cylinder that addressed security issues that other manufactures we not willing to do so. It was one of the first on the market to use its security as a selling point rather then price tag.

It was then we coined the phrase “Brissant the Locksmiths lock” and by that we mean if a locksmith has to pick a lock to put on his own home then this was the lock and we did!

Following on from the Brissant-E came the Brissant-D and the hugely popular Brissant-BS but instead of resting on their laurels they decided to produce what would be their most security advanced lock to date the Ultion.

Ultion Locks Nottingham
Types of Ultion High Security locks

Combining features from both previous releases the Ultion is not only a incredibly robust and secure lock but it’s well a thing of beauty- a engineering thing of beauty.

The Ultion lock is made with molybdenum and features hardened steel pins, plugs and plates that will prevent even hardened drill bits getting through. And even if you did manage to get part of the way in with a drill bit or attempted to brute force snap the cylinder a innovative security feature called locked down would intelligently intervene freezing the centre cam in position and stop the attempt in its tracks.

Ultion lock fitting Nottingham

So would we recommend changing your lock to the Ultion lock?
Definitely yes burglars are lazy and are only looking for the easiest way in, they have learned how to attack locks and can quickly break into homes – the Ultion will stop them in there tracks I will also go as far as to say the moment they see the lock fitted in your door they won’t even try an attempt and will move on to find a easier “job” the Ultion is the ultimate deterrent.

Okay it’s a great lock that’s super secure but what if I get locked out am I not going to get back in?
Whenever new locks are released we always make sure that as qualified Locksmiths we learn the skills and knowledge on how the lock works, and how to open them safely and without damage to the lock or door, sometimes that will require building dedicated tools or hours of training but that’s always been the way and I guess that’s what we love about being Locksmiths. Yes this is a great lock that’s very very secure but our Locksmiths will be able to get you back in.

If you would like to learn more about the Ultion range of locks or would like a quote for having your locks upgraded to Ultion locks then give our team a call on 0115 8320195 our Locksmiths are on hand to provide FREE advice and quotes on Ultion locks and other high security locks and how better protect your home or business.