Lock Repairs Nottingham

Lock Repairs Nottingham

Affordable lock repairs in Nottingham

Locks are designed and made with multiple moving parts that over time with wear and tear can develop faults that we require repair or replacing. LS Locksmiths are completely knowledgable in locks, locking mechanisms and other working parts of your locking systems so we are able to fix all faults or failures. All of our repairs are covered by a 24mth warranty and parts supplied have manufactures warranty of up to 10yrs.
Our locksmith team is here to help to get free advice or a quote for a lock repair in Nottingham call 0115 8320195

Most common lock repairs.
1. Failed Upvc multipoint - through wear and tear or caused by misaligned door a failed multipoint lock is a very common repair we do, in most cases the multipoint can be repaired by fitting a replacement gearbox cutting the cost of replacing the whole system
2. Misaligned doors - most common in Upvc doors over time and usage the hinges wear and sag and this causes issues with locking the door and extra stress in the multipoint locking system, re alignment is a very quick fix we can do to correct the fault and this repairs the misalignment
3. Euro cylinder slipped cam - normally caused by someone gaining entry while the key was left on the inside, this forces the came into a Euro cylinder to slip and be out of position so when you got to lock or unlock the door you cannot remove the key, we can easily fix this issue.
4. Failed curtain wheel or bolt stub on a lever lock - mortice locks on the whole are very well made and last many many years with out issue but excessive force from a misaligned door or wear and tear can cause internal issues that will require repair or replacement.
5. Burglar or vandal damage - damage to locks by burglars trying to gain entry or vandals can break locks and lock mechanisms and will require repairs to secure the property.

Lock & locking System Maintenance Service Most locks if maintained will last many many years trouble free and no requirements for lock repairs. LS Locksmiths offer a comprehensive Maintenance Service that covers all locks and locking systems fitted in your windows and doors this annual or bi-annual service will alleviate any issues in place and prevent against future problems. How old are your windows and doors? Has any Maintenance been done since you had them installed? Have you noticed that any window or door lock isn’t working as well as it once did? For more information on our Lock and Locking System Maintenance Service or to get a quote please call our team on 0115 8320195.

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