Asec Video door bell Review

Asec Video door bell Review

The Asec Smart Video Doorbell is a doorbell that sends instant alerts to your Smartphone when the doorbell is pressed. The doorbell also includes high definition 1080p video footage with night vision, so you can are able to view visitors at the door, day or night. The Asec Smart Video Doorbell also includes intelligent  motion detection technology which can alert you and begin recording should somebody be present at the property without pressing the doorbell, this footage can be instantly viewed at any time as long as you have a internet connection. The Asec smart video door bells also includes 2-way audio so you can have the ability to hear and talk back via the built in microphone and speaker to your visitors.

The Asec Video Doorbell connects to your home broadband via Wi-Fi using the 2g band and is powered by a rechargeable battery which can be recharged by the USB charging cable included. The Asec Video Doorbell can also be hard wired or connected to your existing electric doorbell wiring if you prefer.

Asec Video door bell Review

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Remote Viewing by SmartPhone App
It is very easy to view, recorded and live video from your SmartPhone using the ToSee App ( available for both iOS and Android) when your Asec video Doorbell is connected to your home internet router via Wi-Fi. No extra monthly subscription fee is required to view live or saved video.

HD 1080p Video
The integrated camera allows for high definition 1080p footage so that you can view who’s at the door. You can view live footage at anytime via the ToSee app and the camera includes intelligent motion detection technology which alerts you when detected. The camera also has the ability to shoot night vision video from up to 4 meters away providing crisp clear footage at all times of the day and night.

Power Supply
The Asec Smart Video Doorbell has a built in rechargeable battery which you recharge via a micro USB cable which is also included. When the battery begins to get low a low battery indicator appears in the ToSee app to let you know. Alternatively, you can hard wire the doorbell in to your mains electric or connect to your existing electric doorbell wiring.

Requirements: This video doorbell system requires a broadband internet connection with a Wi-Fi router using the 2g band. SmartPhone must running iOS 9.3 and above or Android 4.4 and above and the ToSee app installed.

Smart video door bell review

Overall the Asec Video doorbell is a great product that is perfectly priced for its spec at around £120 which includes a remote chime that retails separately at £20, during our testing we found the video to be perfect in day, low light and night situations and the included smart phone app very easy to use, there is a slight lag for the video and audio but nothing that effects usage to badly. We found the battery life with normal moderate usage to be 3-4 months and recharging to be a few hours.


Price, Battery life, Smart phone app, install and set up,


slight delay/lag on audio and video, tweaking sensitivity on motion detection to prove the false negatives

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