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CCTV systems can help prevent crime and act as evidence in the event of a crime. CCTV monitors and protect your properties and valuables against all sorts of crime including burglary, theft and criminal damage. In the past recordings used to be low quality and very unclear so much so you were hardly able to identify any offender or crimes. Nowadays the quality of recordings have improved dramatically and the recordings are of a quality almost similar to that broadcasted by tv company’s so to make sure you can identify any offender and keep your property and belongings safe. You will have total control over your recordings and can store them on a chosen storage medium or even in the cloud so you can access them remotely via a internet connection. LS Locksmiths can install any CCTV system (wired or wireless) for commercial or domestic properties. We do not only provide CCTV installation service but we also provide a CCTV repair and maintenance service. We can also inspect and service any existing CCTV System so you can be sure they are properly installed and maintained to the highest standards

CCTV systems have been a common sight in our day to day lives. The image clarity recorded by the cameras has improved significant over the past few years. From blurry images to HD clear picture quality to help keep you and your property safe. There are various CCTV systems to chose from. All systems can store images and recordings however one might be more suitable for your needs than the other. Wired CCTV system Wired CCTV systems are the most common and popular option. A CCTV camera is plugged in from the camera to a monitor. However these can in some instances prove difficult to install as the wire has to be led from the camera to the monitor. Wireless CCTV system A wireless CCTV system images are transmitted using digital technologie to a device of your choice. This can be a tablet, mobile phone or laptop. These wireless systems link to an app enabling you to monitor your property at any time. However wireless CCTV systems can be suffer from signal interference from other wireless devices like cordless phones or even microwaves. IP CCTV system This CCTV system is similar to a wireless system however the camera will use your network or internet to send to images to your computer or base unit allowing you access real-time footage or recordings at any location. These systems suffer significantly less interference.

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