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Lock Changes Nottingham

Affordable lock changes in Nottingham

The locks on the doors of you home or business are the most important part of your doors security, making sure only you and people you trust have a key to operate is paramount and that’s why lock changes should always be done if you know or suspect that a key or keys to your home or business could be available without your consent.

Moving into a new property then change the locks.
If you are moving into a new property you should always change ALL locks to external doors - there could be countless people who have a key or keys, to guarantee the security it is always recommended that you should remove the old locks and have new replacements fitted, this can be done as early as on the same day as you move in and you will be completely assured that only you now have keys to your property.

Lost or stolen keys change locks straight away. If a key or keys are lost or stolen it is of the utmost urgency that the lock or locks are changed. Lost keys or more importantly stolen keys could be used to gain entry to your property or business, unlike when a burglar forces entry if a key is used it could have huge implications regarding insurance and may even result in a claim being voided, if you are unlucky enough to have lost a key/s or had them stolen you should always have the locks changed as quickly as possible.

Old locks replaced for more modern secure locks. Do you have a lock on your property that is tricky to lock and unlock? Do you know if the locks fitted to your home or business meet your insurance company’s security criteria? Older locks have a habit of developing faults through wear and tear, some locks on homes or business have been in place for over a couple of decades and could possibly be coming to the end of there working life so before the lock finally fails and results in a possible lock out situation it is always best to act ahead and replace the lock you may also be doing yourself a favour as older locks will not have the correct security features like being tested and approved as British Standard secure, this is requirement by your insurance company. So if you believe that the locks on your property are over 15 years old it may well be best to replace the lock or locks and guarantee that you have the correct level of security installed.

Lock upgrades
Locks on a property can be changed to make life easier or for increased safety and security features. Maybe you would like all the locks on your property to be able to be opened and locked with one key - this is called keyed alike which means one single key operates all the locks, this is especially useful for businesses.
Restricted keys - this is a feature where the locks fitted to a home or property cannot be duplicated unless you the registered key holder authorises it, once the locks are installed you will be given a registered keeper card that is either held by a local locksmith or stored online and keys cut only on request by you, the keys for this type of lock are different from standard locks so cannot be duplicated by ordinary key cutters.
High security 3* Euro cylinder locks are automatically restricted and duplicates are only available to a registered user, they also have a huge list of extra security features that will stop all known attacks by a burglar to gain entry.

What ever the reason you have we can change the locks on your home or business in one quick visit we are on hand should you require us in a emergency and we carry all types of locks and different sizes. Call our team today to get advice or a quote on having your locks changed in Nottingham.

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