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A smart lock is an electronic lock that uses either or a combination of wifi & Bluetooth connectivity to interact with devices. This can be done either by using a fob/card or by installing an app on your smart phone. When the configured fob/phone is near the lock, it automatically unlocks. No more rummaging around in your bag for a door key or juggling small children and the weekly shopping while trying to unlock the door

One of the biggest features of some smart locks is the ability to creat temporary keys that can be given to people, grating them access to your home for a specific time frame.

Temporary keys are ideal should you need someone to pop in and feed the fish while you’re away - you simply create and message a temporary access key and the reciprocate can use their smart phone to open the lock. Then once you return, you can either delete the keys access or have set it to automatically delete after a set time like 24hrs.

Because of their “smart” nature, some smart locks will also connect to other smart devices in your home like Alexa or Google Home and your locks can be opened via voice control.

LS Locksmiths has partnered with NG Locks to provided the most comprehensive Smart lock installation service in Nottingham, our team is fully versed in all aspects and products available on the market and have undergone extensive training in smart lock installation.

What type of Smart lock is best for me? Here at LS Locksmiths we want you to pick the most suitable type of smart lock for your,

1. The type of door fitted

2. Your individual needs

As it stands, smart locks do not currently affect your home insurance as long as they work in combination with a deadlock, your door will be considered just as secure as any other key operated lock.

So we offer a FREE assessment visit so we can view and discuss your individual needs and desires to best evaluate the ideal product to fit. To book a FREE Smart Lock installation assessment call 0115 8320195 and talk to one of our Nottingham Smart lock installation team.

Yale smart locks

Yale is synonymous with locks and security, Its long history of producing innovative security and locking systems with proven reliability. Yale’s entry level Keyless Smart Lock offers affordable smart security doesn’t skimps on features. Multiple opening methods. The locks can be opened by a key card, tag/fob, smartphone or even by a simple PIN. Easy to edit users. You can add or remove users from the access list, or change their privileges. So you can give people temporary access, or only on specific days or times of day. Extra security features. This smart lock has a tamper alarm and PIN code lockout. It also keeps a log of all user entries. Battery powered. If your power goes down, the lock keeps functioning. There is a low battery indicator so you never need to worry about when to replace them. Connectivity with other smart products and devices. If you have a Yale CCTV system or Smart Alarm then the locks can communicate with them. It can also connect to various other smart home systems.

Dana Smart locks - Ultion Smart locks

The Danalock V3 is an incredibly stylish and powerful smart lock for its price bracket, with a range of intuitive features and native integration with most Smart Home systems if you get the Z-Wave or Zigbee enabled versions.

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