Security Tips For Students in Nottingham

Nottingham has a huge student population that for the majority live in shared accommodation or HMO’s (houses of multiple occupancy) in areas local to either Trent Uni or Uni of Nottingham, Criminals are fully aware of this and target the areas as they see the lax view landlords and students take to security combined with lots of high priced items like mobile phones, laptops and game consoles and now these areas are hot spots for crime.

Crime hot spots in Nottingham

Taking a few simple steps to increase security will help deter criminals and greatly increase the odds that your not a victim of crime.

Keep External Doors Locked

So many times as locksmiths we attend student housing to find at least one external door unlocked, the almost constant flow of people coming and going can mean it’s simpler to leave external doors unlocked. Criminals are aware of this plus because even if someone is in they very well my be in there bedroom leaving the shared rooms unoccupied and any valuables left there will be easy pickings.

Lock Bedroom Doors

Your personal rooms contain all your individual belongings from electrical storage expensive clothing and footwear having a quality lock fitted and always using it is a must. If a intruder has made there way inside having your door lock will more then likely deter them from trying to enter your room – low quality locks like latch locks are easily forced open by intruders insist that a dead lock (with a Thumbturn on the inside for safety) has been fitted by your landlord – deadlocks will also prevent accidental lock outs that latch locks are prone to as well.

Broken door & window locks

If you have a issue with locks on doors or windows that are not working correctly or not working at all you must report this to your landlord or letting agent straight away – security issues MUST be reported with straight away and not left to be done “another day” The sooner you alert your landlord or letting agent to security issue in your house, the safer you and your housemates will be.

Examples of security issues with doors or windows.

Lost or stolen keys to external doors must always be reported so that the locks can be changed straight away.

Even if it’s an upstairs window that will not close or the glass is broken this still can be a entrance into your home for unwanted visitors.

Register valuable goods with Immobilise

Immobilise is the world’s largest FREE register of possession ownership details and combined with its sister sites the Police’s NMPR and CheckMEND, forms a very effective tool in helping to reduce crime and repatriate recovered personal property to its rightful owners.

Immobilise is used by both members of the public and businesses to register valued possessions or company assets, and exclusive to Immobilise all account holders registered items and ownership details are viewable on the Police national property database the NMPR.

As a direct result of Immobilise there are hundreds of cases a week where property is returned or information collected that can assist Police investigations into criminal activity involving stolen goods.

Immobilise is also the only ownership registration service supported by all UK Police forces, the Greater London Authority, and the Mobile Phone Industry.