Composite door alignment and user training

I attended a new apartment development in Basford a conversion of a old factory in a industrial estate, the apartment was ground floor with its own entrance but this was the issue the new tenants were having difficulty locking the brand new composite door.
The installers had already been out but the issue still remained so they called out the big guns!

Straight away you could see from the inside the gap between door and frame was very little at the top of the door compared to the bottom and this slight difference was causing a slight misalignment to the keep and mechanism. I also noticed that the latch keep was slightly of set and again this would add to the difficulty to lock.

A few quick adjustments to the hinge & keep and we had a fully locking composite door but as always I let the occupants test the door was working how it should and were happy and on the first test I noticed how after lifting the handle up to engage the multipoint they would let go of the handle.

Composite door alignment Nottingham
Composite Door Alignment in Nottingham

Being new handles and having spring cassettes the handle sprung down so hard and fast it was engaging the multipoint slightly, only a millimetre or two but enough to slightly disengage the locking system and leaving them unable to lock so after explaining what the issue was and to not just to let go the handle but to release it gently, after a few goes the two young lady’s got the hang of it and I was on my way.

Now the story should just stop there but after a busy day of jobs including a failed composite door mechanism that had to opened and the new part fitted in Radford, I got a call out in the town centre in the late afternoon the owner of a shop could not find his key to the front door so for security and piece of mind he wanted the lock changed so he could lock up and leave.

The door was a commercial metal door with a Adam’s rite lock so I quickly changed the cylinders and enjoyed a smoothie on the owner before I was going to set off home for the day.

Smoothie in hand enjoying the world go by outside the shop who walks by? Yep the two ladies from the job earlier.

“ladies how is the door?”
“oh it’s great now” one replied
Both of them then motioned and said in unison while smiling
“Lift up and let it down nicely not bang!”

Everyone likes a follow up to know that the jobs been done correctly and a customer is happy just didn’t expect it the very same day.

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