Composite door repairs Nottingham

Composite doors are hugely popular in Nottingham and are fitted almost all new builds and seen as a great upgrade to wooden and Upvc doors. They have a multipoint locking system that is activated by lifting the handle or automatically on closing that throws a combination of hooks, rollers and bolts and a Euro cylinder that locks the multipoint in place with the turn of a key.

If maintained these combined locking systems will last many many years but without maintenance or extra factors like misalignment and they can and will develop faults or even completely fail leaving the door in able to lock or open. LS locksmiths offer a comprehensive composite door repair service in Nottingham, we are able to diagnose the fault normally over the phone and advise what action and/or replacement parts needed to fix.

To be able to offer composite door repairs in Nottingham our team of Nottingham locksmiths have been trained and are fully qualified in all aspects of composite door repairs.

The most common faults.

The handle on the composite door has become very hard to lift fully and lock the door.
composite doors when fitted should be aligned perfectly but some times with usage or building movement the composite can slightly drop and will cause the locking points on the composite door and the keep fitted to the inside of the composite door frame to misalign requiring extra force to lift the handle putting extra stress on the internal locking system which will eventually cause it to break or no matter how hard you lift the composite door handle it’s just not enough and it will not lock. As experts in composite door repairs in Nottingham we will be able to repair this misalignment and have your composite door working correctly again.

The key turns but the handle will not go down.
If your composite door has been hard to lock and extra pressure has been needed to lift the composite door handle the extra pressure will be transferred into the internal workings of the composite door multipoint locking system and eventually cause parts to break and fail. LS Locksmiths are fully trained and skilled in composite door repairs and will be able to open the door without damage to the the composite door or it’s frame then remove the broken part and replace with a branded fully working replacement part. We will also then carry out realignment if required so that your composite door repair is completed and the new parts fitted will last for many years to come.

The key turns and the handle goes down but the door will not open
similar to the the last one this composite door repair will require the composite door opening and the broken part or parts removed and replaced with branded working parts – our extensively knowledgable and skilled composite door repairs Nottingham team will open the composite door with no damage to the door or it’s frame and will also correct any alignment issues which could have been the cause of the part or parts to fail and break.

If you have a issue like the ones above or maybe a issue not listed please contact our Upvc door repair team in Nottingham for FREE advice and quotes on 01158320195 – with over 60 years experience in the locksmith and security industry we have come across every imaginable composite door faults and been able to provide a cost effective composite door repair service. We carry a extensive range of composite door locks, locking systems and parts so almost all composite door repairs are done in just one visit.