Upvc door maintenance

Since the return of the good weather we as a business are seeing a increase in faults and failures with Upvc doors especially rear doors and patio / French doors. The summer sun and rise in temperature can result in doors being left open for long spells to allow cooler air inside the house or … Read more Upvc door maintenance

Nottingham Locksmith in Lockdown part 1

Thought I’d create this post just to update people on what we are doing locksmith/work wise during the lockdown. Hopefully this will help customers and the public at large know what jobs we are able to do and not doing while not just us but the nation is on lockdown. So while most of the … Read more Nottingham Locksmith in Lockdown part 1

Coronavirus update FREE Labour Charges for NHS Workers.

*Please Note This offer is now removed and our standard offer of 15% off labour & parts in now in place – We were able to help 19 Key Workers during this period and would like to thank staff who gave their time to support others. After digesting last nights update from our Prime minister … Read more Coronavirus update FREE Labour Charges for NHS Workers.

Cheap Locksmith Nottingham

We all know just how hard January and February can be to budget so when disaster strikes and your hit with a unexpected bill your going to be looking for the cheapest possible price but should your security be put at risk? Here at LS Locksmiths we always provide the most affordable prices for both … Read more Cheap Locksmith Nottingham

Our locksmith in Nuthall Nottingham

Today we were called out a Upvc window lock repair that would not open, the job was a quick drive of just 20 minutes from our base in the centre of Nottingham. Upvc windows use a very simple locking mechanism that only relays on a few moving parts to creat a very secure and tight … Read more Our locksmith in Nuthall Nottingham

Locksmith Prices Nottingham

Unlike going to the local store and buying a product for a set price for each product, tradespeople like ourself will have varying prices for the same or similar job, if we take an example like gaining entry to a property and why the price will differ. The first factor will depend on the distance … Read more Locksmith Prices Nottingham

How to open a upvc door with broken gearbox

Upvc doors have a locks called a multipoint locking system installed, when you lift the handle a gearbox located inside the door behind the handles throws multiple rollers, hooks and bolts creating a secure draft and noise free door. If the gearbox fails due to wear and tear or a fault in the closed position … Read more How to open a upvc door with broken gearbox