Cheap Locksmith Nottingham

We all know just how hard January and February can be to budget so when disaster strikes and your hit with a unexpected bill your going to be looking for the cheapest possible price but should your security be put at risk?

Here at LS Locksmiths we always provide the most affordable prices for both our services and products, but there’s always someone out there who offer cheap prices but beware as my grandad always used to say “buy cheap buy twice”.

Most of the people offering “cheap prices” are not even Locksmiths they will not have been fully trained, police vetted and approved so will not be qualified let alone insured to work on your property so if and when things go wrong you could well be left with a very expensive repair bill.
To keep prices low they will supply and fit budget or replica locks and parts. A budget lock or part is a very bad lock or part, they have no extra security features, are poorly made and likely to fail, to be honest they will not last.
Now because person who fitted them will not be around very long as cheap locksmith prices just are not sustainable you will have no warranty – BUY CHEAP BUY TWICE.

So what should you do?
You should always get a few quotes ring or email at least 3 Locksmiths in your area and check

  1. How long have they been in business in your local area?
    LS Locksmiths have been Locksmiths in Nottingham for over 60 yrs
  2. Do the locks or parts carry a warranty?
    LS Locksmiths only supply trusted branded parts we give a 24 month warranty on all parts and labour. Manufactures warranty can be as long as 10 years.
  3. Are they police checked and insured?
    All of our Locksmiths are checked and approved and members of the Master Locksmith Association, we are liability insured up-to £5,000,000.

Here at LS Locksmiths we will never be cheap Locksmiths in Nottingham but we will always be affordable Locksmiths in Nottingham who offer the very highest quality services and products, we maintain perfect standards while keeping overheads as low as possible with the savings being passed to our customers all backed by a no quibble 24 month warranty.

Take for instance the job we attended today, a customer contacted us because their door would not lock, the handle would not lift and engage the composite door multipoint locking system, now without visiting and with just that information given we said there is a issue with the multipoint and will more then likely need replacing with parts and labour possibly running upwards of £150.
Once we arrived and stripped out the parts we were able to diagnose that the multipoint was not in fact broken and in fact a foreign object had become wedged inside and restricting movement and after a full service and alignment was working like new and for just 1hrs labour cost.
We take pride in the job we do and will always try to provide the most cost effective way to remedy the problem for the customer while giving piece of mind as now the labour for that job is covered for 24 months.

Composite or timber multipoint locking system

Affordable trustworthy Locksmiths are much better then cheap budget locksmiths.

Contact our Nottingham locksmith team for FREE advice and quotes call 0115 8320195 and speak directly to a qualified locksmith and not a call centre.