Merry Christmas 2020

Well it’s been quite a year.. lockdowns, eat out to help out, tiers and tears and just when we thought we are having a semi normal Christmas “super strain” arrived like the Grinch, but thankfully most of us are safe & healthy so we have that at least.

like every year we will be open and working right through the holidays so if there a lock disaster you know we’re are here to help – we will be working round the clock except on Christmas Day when our team finishes at lunch time and are off till Boxing Day 8am.

Monday – Christmas Eve 24hr

Christmas Day till 12pm

Boxing Day 8am – back to 24hr

This time of year sees a spike in crime and house holds should be much more wary about there security. Always check that not just your home windows and doors are always locked secure but also vehicles and outbuildings are as well, more people are home due to restrictions so criminals will have to be more daring, this can be very dangerous so make sure your protected.

Installing a security camera or cameras is a perfect way to be alerted if you have someone on your property, Intruder alarms are a absolute must and just checking that the locks on your property provide adequate security for you and your family.

if you would like more advice on security or a quote for one of our services call our team today

call 0115 8329195 and speak to a qualified locksmith.