Lockdown Pt 3

Here’s hoping everyone had a fantastic Christmas as I’m sure your all very well aware the UK is again in a full lockdown and it’s looks like it’s going to stay this way well through Feb and looking likely to be some sort of restrictions through to summer so not much to look forward to till then.

The little extra time we have managed to get has been spent updating internal systems and giving the website a overhaul. The current website was built a few years ago now and was showing signs of age but we really liked the scheme and layout so we converted it to a more modern CMS while maintaining the look which we liked. This was finally complete and the new site it’s now live and we are really happy with it.

Another plus to the new website is it will make life easier to update so we will be trying to do more posts on products and services and more general update on the day to workings of locksmiths.