Even a quality lock can go wrong

A few years ago most Upvc door suppliers were all about the profit and nothing about security, good doors were supplied with very cheap budget locks that offered little or now in the way of security features – do you know if the locks on your property are low security? There are a few checks you can do like is there any symbols or makers marks engraved on the cylinder below the key way? How old are the cylinders?

Luckily nowadays new door suppliers Upvc and also composite are adding high quality locks as standard in the doors production, which is great for the buyer but even good quality high security locks can go wrong and with these added security features that are built in to protect, can be a massive thorn in the side when things go wrong.

Earlier I saw a post from a fellow locksmith who had to attend a call out in North Nottinghamshire where the homeowners new door lock had “fell apart” and they could not secure the property. They lock in question was a ABS British Standard lock which is a very decent lock, it offers a good level of all round security against the most popular methods used to gain entry.

Lock repair Nottingham
Euro lock failure

The lock falling apart was due to a additional security feature called ANTI SNAP that had faulted causing the end of the barrel to come away. it is designed to do so if attacked – this is a brute force technique that is used to gain entry and works quickly and very easily on cheap budget locks that have no anti snap protection features – but not due to everyday use as was the case with the owners.

Most of the high security locks use trap pins, this can be in the barrel of the lock or as in the Ultion in the cam these extra pins are there to prevent lock picking or a physical attack. They add a extra level to a already high security lock this type of lock will have a visible mark on the cylinder showing that they have achieved a high security rating this type of lock will have either 1 Star or 3 Stars and possibly a British Standard Kite mark

So should you be fearful of having high security locks?
Not one bit the cases where a Factory fault has resulted in a lock failure is very few and far between and if supplied by a Accredited FENSA door supplier or a locksmith like ourselves LS Locksmiths Nottingham then you will be covered by a lengthy warranty so if lock did ever have a fault you know that we will be able to get you in if needed and replace the faulty part.

If you would like more information on upgrading your locks, high security 1* & 3* British Standard locks or any other queries related to home security then please give us a call 0115 8320195 our Locksmiths are on hand to assist for FREE advice and Quotes.