Locksmith Terms & Conditions

Our Terms & Conditions • We work on quoted prices at the start of a job and prefer not to charge by the hour .The exception to the rules are; • If you have been broken in to and you have asked us to attend on site but we are unable to start work because … Read more

Our locksmith in Aspley Nottingham

Today we were called out to remove a broken key from a Upvc door in Aspley, the customer was moving out of the property and required us to remove the broken key. Aspley is just 20mins from our call out centre so if you require a emergency locksmith in Aspley Nottingham or are looking for … Read more

Our locksmith in Sneinton Nottingham

Our emergency locksmith was called out to assist a family in gaining entry to their property after accidentally leaving the keys inside and locking the door as they left to go to go shopping. The call came in at 8pm and our emergency locksmith in Sneinton Nottingham was able to attend in just 10mins from … Read more

Our locksmith in Netherfield Nottingham

Today we were called out to fit a key safe to two properties in Netherfield both properties were in the process or redevelopment and with a key safe fitted all the trades could have access without a key holder being present. Our call out centre is just a couple of miles from Netherfield so for … Read more

Our Locksmith in Carlton Nottingham

Another day another failed Upvc locking mechanism Repair The call out was to change a lock on a Upvc door as the owner could not open the door with the key, upon arrival we diagnosed that the cylinder was working correctly but that the mechanism was not retracting on one section of the multipoint. From … Read more

Our locksmith in Burton Joyce Nottingham

I was called out to visit a property in Burton Joyce where the home owner could not open the Upvc front door, the key was turning in the cylinder and felt like it was unlocking but the handle would not release. Our locksmiths cover Burton Joyce and from our base can get to the centre … Read more

Upvc door wont open

You’ve gone to open your Upvc door and it just wont budge, its locked shut. Not only is this a inconvenience but if your the wrong side of the door and don’t have access to another entrance your locked out! Almost all Upvc Doors are made up of two locking parts, a Cylinder lock where … Read more

Upvc multipoint repairs in Nottingham

When I first started out on the road to locksmithing we would exclusively only deal with wooden doors and the locks they used either just a night latch or a Mortice lock. Nowadays I find all I ever have to deal with is Upvc door repairs and the multipoint locking systems the use. Roughly 20yrs … Read more

Hello and welcome to our new blog

We have run a blog on this site for many years but after a move to a new host our back up didn’t get saved and we lost all our old posts so we are starting fresh with new posts and data that we hope will help and be informative on the work that we … Read more