Nottingham Locksmith in Lockdown Part 2

Well it’s been a strange old week on lockdown down The weekend was warm and sunny and we were able to spend some family time in the garden as jobs were few and far between but as soon as the working week started back we were rushed off our feet.

One of the more notable jobs we were called out to was a lock out combined with a lock in!

The family had all exited the house pulling shut the front door after them fitted with a British Standard ERA night latch to realise that no one had picked up any keys to make matters worse the property was surrounded by high fences with a locked gated entrance the key also part of the bunch left inside – locked out and locked in…

Now I’m no climber of walls or fences and not willing to make one climb I was never going to do multiples of different tools were needed so I first had to unlock the gate before I could start on the house. The lock on the gate was a ERA Fortress deadlock so I used my dedicated decoder made by GJ locks as it is reliably the quickest way to open this lock, set up read each lever and build key always a consistent time.

Next up the BS night latch, for this I used a dedicated bump key as I know from Experience that this type/make lock is a quick bump and on the second tap it was unlocked.

Upvc multipoint faults
Upvc multipoint fault – replace multipoint gearbox

As always when the sun come so do the Upvc door lock faults so for the majority of this weeks work have been just that, hinge adjustments and multipoint faults which is good as it make social distancing easy but I’m not still getting used to wearing a mask on jobs especially when the suns out and it’s warm but if it keeps myself and customers virus free then it’s needed.