Nottingham Locksmith in Lockdown part 1

Thought I’d create this post just to update people on what we are doing locksmith/work wise during the lockdown. Hopefully this will help customers and the public at large know what jobs we are able to do and not doing while not just us but the nation is on lockdown.

So while most of the staff are on gardening duty I was on call today in radford, the property had been abandoned by the tenant and the landlord wanted to gain entry and change the locks to all external doors to secure the property and allow maintenance work to begin on the property.

This job was at a unoccupied property where only myself was in attendance so no risk to myself or the customer – we have took the decision that unless the job is a lock out or lock in and is causing a security or safety risk, this is the only type of jobs we will be doing during the lock down.

The property was Upvc door to the front and a wooden Euro sash on the rear so we set about opening the doors open so we could change the cylinders, the front door lock was a 1* Yale so we used our speciality cut bump key for this lock and in combination with a a couple of rubber dampeners the lock bumped open in less then 30seconds the rear door was a basic cylinder so we used a rake pick and tension tool and had it open in a matter of seconds.

Lock change in Nottingham

A qualified locksmith with the correct knowledge and tools can make opening locks seem very easy and scarily quick but it is a combination of many years of training that make it look so effortless.

The locks were removed and replaced with anti pick, anti bump and anti snap cylinders and the keys sent to the landlord so they know now they have a secure property that can now get work done on and returned to the market place.

If you have a issue with a lock or it’s mechanism please give our team a call to not just discuss the problem but to also see if it’s safe to let our Locksmiths work, we are doing our best to help customers but the safety of our staff and customers will always come first, if we all work together to protect ourselves and isolate we will beat this virus and our life’s and work can return to normal.

Our team can be contacted on 0115 8320195 or you can WhatsApp or iMessage us on +447581459616

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