Locksmith Prices Nottingham

Unlike going to the local store and buying a product for a set price for each product, tradespeople like ourself will have varying prices for the same or similar job, if we take an example like gaining entry to a property and why the price will differ.

The first factor will depend on the distance to travel from our base to the property, we as a business cover the whole of nottingham and surrounding areas as a standard travel time but we also cover places like Jacksdale, Loughborough & Newark these extended driving times will add to the final fee.

The second factor is the type of lock that needs opening. Opening locks is a skill that our Locksmiths have achieved over many years of practice and training, all locks can be opened by us but some types of locks may take slightly longer then others and the extra time will then be added to the final fee.

The third factor will be the time of day or day of the week we offer round the clock service we set the fees as standard during office hours 8am-5pm Monday to Friday but increase fees gradually through the evening through the night and weekends.

The final factor is once the lock has been opened will the lock need changing? If there are no spare keys or the lock had failed then replacement lock or parts will be needed again this will be added to the final fee.

So when someone calls us we will ask all the right questions so we can best evaluate your needs and circumstances and provide the correct quote for you, all quotes given by us are total cost and as long as the information/description given to us is correct will never rise with additional cost/fees

So as an example your property is in Aspley, it’s 1pm on a Wednesday and the type of lock that needs opening is on a Upvc door plus you have a spare set of keys inside the property. We would be able to quote a fixed TOTAL price – there are no call out charges to be added, no VAT to be added and because you have spare keys then no extra cost to replace the lock.

Why are our locksmith prices so reasonable?
Many years ago our business was set up to provide quality services at reasonable prices and that is still our main objective, we maintain high levels of service and supply quality products while keeping our overheads low so these savings can be passed onto the customer resulting in us being really busy and the customer extremely happy.
We would much rather do multiple jobs daily then overcharge one customer to make the same amount of money that’s always been our ethos and always will.

Beware of rough Locksmiths and over inflated locksmith prices.

In all trades there are the cowboys and rogues and the locksmith industry is not immune either, there are certain company’s trading that are only after one thing YOUR MONEY and lots of it!
Our advice on how to avoid being scammed, always contact at least three different company’s for a quote and make sure that you get a total cost quote like I said earlier a good locksmith will be able to assess your needs and quote correctly before attending, never give your bank details out before the locksmith has attended, this is a common trick used by the scammers once they have your payment details they can charge what the wish on the final fee adding additional fees and in needed parts to your bill.
When you call are you speaking to the locksmith or a call centre? Our locksmiths answer all calls and can offer advice and quotes we never use a call centre to handle calls only national firms with high fees and the scammers use call centres.

Where did you find the Locksmith?
If you used a search engine always click from the organic listings or Google’s local search (some of the scammers do have local listings when there not based in Nottingham) so you have a better chance of finding a truly local business. Google will not like me saying it but I have researched this and the google ads that appear first on the page are ALL National companies and with that they all charge higher national rates – do you really want or need to be paying London prices?

It truly is a minefield nowadays to find good honest trades people but I hope this short post has helped and if your looking for a locksmith in Nottingham that always gives the best price with no hidden fees then give us a call.

LS Locksmiths

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