How to open a upvc door with broken gearbox

Upvc doors have a locks called a multipoint locking system installed, when you lift the handle a gearbox located inside the door behind the handles throws multiple rollers, hooks and bolts creating a secure draft and noise free door.

If the gearbox fails due to wear and tear or a fault in the closed position the door will have to be opened manually to remove the failed part and get the door working correctly again.

Please note this guide will use tools that are not readily available outside of the locksmith community they have been made solely open Upvc doors without damage without these tools you can and will cause damage to the Upvc door and it’s frame.

How to open a Upvc door with a broken multipoint lock
Upvc door opening tools

As a locksmith my first call is to take off the handles this is when I have access to inside the door, some gear boxes fitted use a split spindle (dual spindle) or twin cam in the case of a failed gearbox if the cam has broken (high percentage) using the second cam will open the door and make life very easy indeed. No luck it’s a single spindle then we move back outside and use a spreading tool to create space between the door and frame, a good locksmith will be able to identify the type of multipoint lock they are up against and take action some can have the cylinder removed and with a dedicated tool release the multipoint, others may have to have the door completely spread to bypass any hooks and bolts in the keep – newer locking systems use hooks in opposing directions making the art of spreading one that should only be done by a skilled person with the correct tools.

In a lot of cases of a failed multipoint the key will still turn in the cylinder and you will be able to feel as you turn the key it locking and unlocking, in this case make sure it is unlocked and with your spreading tool create a small opening enough to view a roller, bolt or hook and with a small edged down too try edge the parts back into there open position always easing of the pressure against the door so the part is free to move back and not up tight against the keep creating friction.

Ok the door is now open and we can remove the failed part being either the gearbox or the complete system and replace, but that’s not all if the door had to be spread make sure that the door is pulled back to its correct state and that the door is fully aligned correctly as this most likely would have been the cause of the failed part.

Like we added before this is not a job to be tackled without the correct tools and knowledge so we would always advise that you contact a qualified locksmith and Upvc repair expert to get this type of job done – if your property is based in Nottingham or Nottinghamshire then give us a call on 01158320195 our team will be able the Upvc door without damage to the door or it’s frame, install the correct branded part and re align the door correctly so you will have many many years of trouble free door usage.