How to adjust a Upvc door – Upvc door alignment

Hugely popular in the UK Upvc doors have become a mainstay on most homes, they offer great security combined with a draft free experience but unless maintained they have a habit of dropping down over time causing misalignment and unless treated not only will they not function correctly but will eventually cause a lock failure. So it’s always best to know how to adjust a Upvc and maintain a good working door.

There are two common types of hinders on Upvc doors Butt & Flag with flag being the most common both can be adjusted Flag more so then Butt.

To adjust the hinges you will require a few tools a Allen key set, screw driver and pencil.

Before you start any adjusting make you you make a pencil mark on the hinge & door this is a return point should you adjust the door and it makes things worse we can always go back to this starting point and then adjust in the opposite direction.

On flag hinges we are with going to remove the outer case or pop the adjustment cap off if it has one, this will allow access to a bolt inside then when tinged will move the door closer or away from the frame, we always suggest first adjusting the top hinge on a dropped door as this will re aligned it back up. Use a Allen key to turn the bolt making sure we have our pencil mark on both the hinge and door – our aim is move the pencil mark in the door towards the hinge side of the frame. Turn a few times and check the door closes and lift the handle just a few turns should have made this a bit easier or fixed the issue, continue to turn turn and test till door is working correctly.

How to adjust a Upvc hinge - Upvc door alignment

Sometimes over adjustment can move the door back enough that the latch will not catch the keep so test that it will, if not you will have to just all a small amount equally but this time the door must move towards the keep latch end of the door.

Butt hinges allow a little adjustment but not much they also have a bolt that you turn with a Allen key, if you require more adjustment then what is available then the keep on the door frame will have to be adjusted lower to re align the locking mechanism and it’s keep – mark again with a pencil the centre point of the latch and carry this line onto the frame unscrew the keep and lower so the centre of the latch keep is per Etsy inline with your pencil mark, if your locking system has hooks and bolts the keep side of the frame may need some extra plastic removed so the keep can be lowered.

Not into Diy or would like to let a professional locksmith do the job then give our team a call on 01158320195 we cover Nottingham and Nottinghamshire and will be able to realign the door so it’s working perfectly creating a draft free and long lasting locking system.