Our locksmith in Broxtowe Nottingham

No body want to be a vitamin of crime but at this time of the year you need to have your wits about you and make sure that you have the correct security in place.

Our locksmith was called out to upgrade locks on a property in Broxtowe, recent break-in’s in the area and unsure if the locks on the property matched the home insurance criteria we visited to do a FREE security assessment.

British Standard Sash lock fitted in Nottingham

The property had wooden doors fitted and the locks fitted were just simple 3 lever locks that in the event of a break in would have invalidated the home insurance… so we set about upgrading the locks to BS mortice locks, these superior locks offer lots of additional security features including anti pick and a hardened bolt.

Not all of our visits require upgrades sometimes the home security is fine but it’s very reassuring to book the visit so you can have peace of mind that your home and it’s contents are as safe and secure as they should be.

To book a free home security assessment, advice or quotes please call 0115 8320195 and talk to one of our team.