Our locksmith in Top Valley Nottingham

Today we got a call from a Leicester letting agents to attend one of the properties the manage in Top Valley Nottingham, they had had a new Upvc door fitted Friday but the tenants were not able to lock the door, the fitters were not answering calls so we went out to view and fix.

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On arrival we could straight away this job was not of a great standard, the door for some reason was fitted outwards and as such had a lot of exposed foam filler and no proper coverings around the frame a pretty poor job.

On examination the the multipoint was not correctly I longed with the keep by a good 5mm so instead of trying to correct by adjusting the hinders we decided to remove the keep and refit in the correct position, this took a little bit of work on the frame so the the rebated keep could move further down but once done this would be much better for the door.

The installation team on this must have known let along the manufacturers as this should have all been tested off site and before delivery and installation.

Now this fault should have been sorted by the installers and if they are part of FENSA the letting agents would have some recourse but I very much doubt they are and I fully hope that they haven’t been paid yet so that not only my call out fee can be charged against them but also they can correct the mess they have left behalf behind.

Marks in the correct place on the door and frame but didn’t decide to make them align!