Our locksmith in Forest Fields Nottingham

We were called out to attend a lock out situation in Forest Feilds Nottingham today – the lock out was in a shared property HMO and the young tenant had lost the key to their room, its a Saturday so the letting agents were not answering the calls and the occupant needed to get in to get ready for there job.

Locked out? Lost keys? Our Forest Fields locksmiths are on hand to assist, it takes our emergency locksmith in Forest Feilds just 20mins from your call to attend and we can have you back in just as quick if not quicker.

If you require a locksmith in Forest Fields Nottingham give us a call on 0115 8320195 for FREE advice or a quote.

Oval cylinder

This was a older property and the locks fitted were union oval cylinders with out a thumb turn on the inside so instead of a bypass the lock would need to picked open.

The lock took just a few minutes to open by our emergency locksmith and as the tenant had lost keys we also fitted a new cylinder this time we added the thumbturn as it is required in HMO properties in Nottingham to do so even though it want fitted before, it’s much safer for the tenant and leaves us feeling much happier to know if there ever was a incident where the tenant had to evacuate the property they could quickly and safely.

We asked to pass our number onto the letter no agents so they could upgrade the other locks if need be so that they completed with the rules under Nottingham’s selective licence for HMO’s.