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When the bifold won’t fold

Bifold doors have become very popular as a way to to open up your home into the garden or create visible partitions inside but just like my old grandfather once warned me as a very young apprentice about Upvc doors becoming the vogue “them there Upvc doors are a fault waiting to happen” I mean he was always one for simplicity I remember when I got my first car with electric windows and showed him with pride his only reply was “well that’s another thing that can break”.

Now all these years down the line it seems the most requested work we do is Upvc door and window repairs purely because they are so hugely popular and because the locking systems are either not maintained and/or the internal parts reach the end of there working life.

Bifold doors almost always use the same or very similar type of locking system as Upvc doors but with the added addition of lots more hinges and a roller system and it’s because of these additional  parts that you can develop a fault and leave you with a bifold that won’t fold.

Because most people’s bifold door will be covered with a warranty as long as the company is still around and willing to help your first port of call if your bifold it not working correctly is to get in touch with them ASAP.

If your one of those unlucky people to have run out of warranty, installers are unfindable or not being helpful then you will need to get in touch with a locksmith who can fix all faults with bifold doors like LS Locksmiths Nottingham.

One of the most common jobs and the job I had today was where a key had been left in lock and when the bifold was fully opened the key was sandwiched between door panels and had snapped. This type of bifold had two types of locking points a main one that locked into the frame and a second key in handle type that controlled the function to open the bifold completely very similar to a Upvc window handle just a little larger and more robust – the actual handle was a hoppe Tokyo tilt and turn handle – just like a Upvc window handle if the lock button is depressed even with a broken key inside the handle it is locked in place leaving them with one panel that opened like a door and two panels that were effectively really big windows.

Bifold door handle

Extracting the broken key was a quick easy job and so was picking the lock open as this is only a secondary lock and because I’m very good 🙂 but we couldn’t get a replacement till next day so I disabled the push lock so the door could be used without out fear of accidentally fully locking again – just like a Upvc window there is no external handle outside and when the handle is turned to lock the door is fully secured via shoot bolts into the top and bottom of the frame.

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Bifold door repairs Nottingham