Locked in room

Feeling Flushed

After a long working day in one of the busiest weeks since the lockdown restrictions have been lifted I kicked of the work boots and set in to a relaxing evening watching the new cricket format The 100 – I’m a big fan of the short version T20 so had been looking forward to seeing how this new version would pan out. And it’s been excellent, the games have been incredibly close and the introduction of so many top stars from around the world has really lifted the domestic players game.

But as always as the tension began to build in the Trent Rockets game a call came in and I had to interrupt my viewing to assist. The job was in Stapleford but luckily the roads were very quiet so we didn’t take to long to arrive which was much to the pleasure of the young lady who was stuck in the toilet…

When I arrived I was told they were having a dinner party and just before the main meal was served the young lady had nipped to the downstairs toilet and was unable to unlock it to exit, the other diners has tried to open the door for nearly a hour before calling a emergency locksmith so even though I had got there in extra quick time the poor lady had been stuck on the toilet for over 60mins and was not the happiest.

Sometimes in these cases it’s just a broken spindle and a quick turn with a screwdriver is all that’s needed but this time it was a completely failed lock and the bolt was not budging.

Lucky for both of us the toilet was outward opening so with a little persuasion with air bags and my set of Upvc spreaders the door popped open, either flushed with happiness or embarrassment as soon as the door swung open the lady rushed out and gave me a big hug before grabbing her partner and making a quick exit without dinner.

Accidental lock outs or lock ins have a habit of happening at the worst moments so it’s always best to make sure you have a trusted and reliable locksmith saved in your phone just in case disaster strikes – save our number 0115 8320195 under Locksmith or LS Locksmiths even if you never have to use our services in a emergency it’s always best to be prepared.

Luckily for me I managed to get the tools back in the van quickly and tuned into the final few minutes of the cricket and the result was a Trent Rockets win! Happy Days!

I’ve booked a night off to go watch the Trent Rockets down at Trent Bridge on the 13th August so not on call that night but have just realised that it’s actually Friday the 13th… here’s hoping it’s not bad luck for the Rockets, me or someone getting stuck in a toilet….

Don’t worry I’ve arranged cover just in case you do get stuck in the loo… so you wont have to do what this one young man did when he found he was locked in his room.

Damaged internal door

If you’re looking for a local independent locksmith near you then LS Locksmiths Nottingham are here to assist, get your lock problems dealt with quickly and at a cost that will not break the bank. No matter if it’s securing your property after a break-in or realigning your uPVC door so it locks correctly, we are the people to help. if you have a requirement or issue give us a call and speak to one our qualified locksmith team.


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