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Locksmiths have been protecting peoples property for many many years, the original locksmiths were the actual creators of locks and constantly developed new security features or different types of locks so that they were always one step ahead in the security world.

Since the 1960’s our very own family business LS Locksmiths has not only been suppliers of high quality locks but have also helped in the design and development of security features that has furthered security and are still actively used in todays high security locks and additional security products.

So as the world moved into a new digital & electronic era we didn’t stand still and tested and aided development of the next era of security – The Smart era.

If you would have told most people 30 years ago that almost every person would be caring a smart phone that had more computing power then a small country you would have been carted off in a straight jacket, the advancement of technology in such a short period of time has been nothing less then miraculous we now are able to control household items via the internet from anywhere in the world.

Along the way there have been a few bumps and early adopters to the smart way of life have been almost beta testers for companies as they bring products to the smart market, but when it comes to the security of your home then you need to know that the Smart product your installing will not let you down.

Unlike other locksmiths or security installers unless we have fully tested a product and have full access to the manufacture support we will not recommend of install.

Lots of small electronic company’s are flooding online markets like Amazon with there latest fingerprint smart locks and customers are snapping them up to only find when things go wrong they are well and truly in proverbial canoe with out a paddle, with no physical override available and support non existent they are left locked out with what will be a mess of a door.

Before we ever entertained fitting the Dana lock – now used in the Ultion Smart lock – we closely monitored it’s software development till we were assured that our customers would not have any issues, we always were highly supportive of this type of smart lock as it still has a fully functioning key should you ever require to lock or unlock when the smart features were not available. But the biggest plus for us is that there support team are always on hand just in the very rarest cases when you need them.

Ultion smart lock review

After installing them for years now with no issues what so ever I was recently asked to install an Ultion Smart lock with the remote keypad.

The customer was a elderly gentleman who required carers to visit numerous times during the day, they had previously been using a external keysafe but this had been a targeted while he was in hospital for a few nights, the family were gravely concerned that this could happen again and the key used to enter the gentleman’s property.

The family wanted the carers to be able to lock and unlock with out a key so the Ultion with the Dana keypad was the perfect solution so we set about a installing and setup so the family could create pins for carers and family to be able to gain entry and lock after leaving, no I’ve done lots of these installations and all with out a issue but after setting up the smart lock and getting it working when we went to add the Dana keypad the app just would not allow it, we did the usual things turned off/on Bluetooth, on/off the iPhone I even removed and installed new batteries but to no joy.

Now as a locksmith I can try to overcome almost mechanical or physical obstacle in a product but a software issue left me stumped but why we always recommend this product is because of there amazing product support.

My call went through to product support team based in Newark Nottingham who ran through a few tests just in case it was a install mistake (I didn’t take offence) who then contacted the German manufacturer Dana direct. Some how the keypad code (it’s unique device code) had previously been used and was still like on there servers so it was deleted so it could now be allocated to us.

This all took less then 10mins and the product was then able to be registered to out Ultion Smart lock and the device was up and running instantly, that’s the difference and that’s why we choose to install this product over so many others.

This counts for all Smart products including Smart Alarms and Smart Video Doorbells.

Just like Smart locks the video doorbell is another market flooded with cheap and to honest not fit for use video doorbells some manufactures utilise incredibly slow servers so you’ll often miss visitors due to the length of time between them pressing the bell and you getting a notification also most lack the features you’d expect in the app like designated motion detection areas that greatly reduce false negative alerts and battery drain.

Some companies have thrown there hat into the race and match or nearly match the king of the doorbell Ring who for us offer the most complete product at a price to suit all budgets.

Asec Video door bell Review

Ring currently offer rechargeable, wired or adapter wired versions that suits all needs and circumstances and their app consists of all the relevant features that you’ll need, time between pressing the bell and push notifications is almost instantaneous and now it’s part of the Amazon family of companies you know that reliability is at the foremost.

If your ready to throw your hat in to the Smart Home Security market you’ll be happy to know there are some great products out there that offer you the customer all the features and levels of security that you’ll require combined with reliability, also there are products that may not be the household names like Ring but we have personally tested and recommend so you have something different and more in keeping for your own personal taste or style and has features you need.

LS Locksmiths is local family run locksmiths based in the heart of Nottingham we offer a incredibly fast same day service, thats affordable while only using high quality branded products. Our business counts numerous letting agencies, landlords and returning customers who use and recommend our low cost, fast and reliable service. Call 0115 8320195 and talk direct to a locksmith and not a call centre.

LS Locksmiths Nottingham is not a franchise, we do not sub contract to national locksmith companies. We never charge a call out fee and prices quoted are fixed totals no VAT.

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