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A Ode to Locksmith Nottingham

A few days ago I was called to attend a Composite door that was unable to lock the family member was calling on behalf of a elderly lady who had not been able to lock the door and obviously this is a huge security risk so we set off to find out what the issue was and then fix it. On arrival we tested the door, the handle was lifting but the cylinder would not throw the bolt and lock, we removed the cylinder to check if it was a issue with the part and to see if any visible debris was impeding the bolt being thrown but no issues were found so I set about striping the mechanism while working the elderly lady started to chat about her life the work she had done in the past working at boots all her working life starting in the factory before ending in a ver high Managment role, her charity work for the local rotary club and parish council but now days due to age she just tended to the garden and wrote poems about Nottingham that she had had published in a few books,

Still working on the multipoint I found the gearbox had failed so grabbed a replacement from the van and set about replacing and fixing back into the door once all back together I tested the door and all was working as it should I was just about to say I’m finished and get ready to leave when the lady appeared with a tray with tea and biscuits so not to be rude I sat at the kitchen table and enjoyed a cuppa with more stories from my new friend.

Tea drunk and biscuits eaten I grabbed my tools but before I could leave I was met with “oh can you look at my back door while your here?”

I’d sat and chatted a little to long and had a appointment for another job and as it wasn’t a emergency she had a side door and back door in the kitchen I said I would come back in the morning and fix the door.

The next day I arrived and went to work on the rear door u like the front door this was a Upvc and and although it was unlocking with the key the door wasn’t opening so I used a spreader to see which part was not retracting and it was just the latch so I used a mica card to swiftly get the door open and it was obvious straight away the latch screw had loosened so the handle could not fully retract so a quick tightening up and it was good to go.

I I went to leave the lady handed me a piece of foldered paper and said “ I wrote this for you”

I opened and read the short poem she had took the time to write

The Ode of Locksmith Nottingham

From a tender age that locksmith Nottingham
He learned his trade that locksmith Nottingham

His dexterous hands that locksmith Nottingham
He used to command that locksmith Nottingham

Locks open at his will that locksmith Nottingham
Like peas he does shill that locksmith Nottingham

The master of his craft that locksmith Nottingham
Makes other look daft that locksmith Nottingham

Works day and night that locksmith Nottingham
In sun or moon light that locksmith Nottingham

With a pick so precise that locksmith Nottingham
Hand steady like ice that locksmith nottingham

His name spread far that locksmith Nottingham
Known in every town bar that locksmith Nottingham

But his loyalty’s here that locksmith Nottingham
In the land of his near that locksmith Nottingham

I was taken aback by the lady’s kindness and thoughtfulness to take the time to do the poem and was really pleased with it, it just goes to show yes your there to do a job but for some people it’s maybe the only contact they might have had in days so always make sure if you do have a little time or even while your working a little chat could mean so much.

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