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Most common Upvc door problems

Upvc doors have been around for the last 25 years or so, and have become somewhat of a standard to most homes, thanks to their relatively cheap price tag and simplicity to install nearly 90% of homes in Nottingham have them fitted.
But as a wise man once said  "nothing lasts forever" and with general wear and tear Upvc Door and Upvc lock problems will arise which can be fixed quite easily and for a fraction of the cost of a full replacement needed.
Below we have listed some of the most common Upvc door and Upvc lock problems so you can quickly identify what is wrong and what action needs to be taken, plus we have listed the major parts of the Upvc door so you can identify easily.

Euro Lock - This is the part you insert the key for locking and unlocking in most cases it will have a circle where the key way is and a narrow oval underneath some doors especially older or apartment doors the shape is oval.

Multipoint locking system - this is the part of the lock that engages when you lift the handle and is only visible when the door is open. It will consist of a door latch, door bolt/hook and between 2 and 4 hooks and/or sliders that increase the doors security.

Door keep - this is fitted to the inside of the frame and can be either individual parts or a one piece strip that the multi point lock system engages with.

Common Upvc Door problems.

The door catches on the frame and its hard to lift the handle to lock.

A very common problem with Upvc doors is misalignment  of the door in the frame. Misalignment can be caused by a variety of factors but the two main causes are worn hinges and incorrectly packed door panels or glass.

Because the keep and the multipoint are not aligned when you lift the handle to engage more force is needed and increases the wear and tear on the parts. In most cases re-alignment is a quick fix and will solve the problem but some more serious cases the hinges may have to be replaced.

Bowed or bent door.In some cases of burglar/vandal damage pressure applied to the Upvc door can leave it misshaped and effect the multipoint lock and be hard to close/open.

An inspection will be needed to view the damage and the possible fixes.

Euro lock cylinder problems
The most common problems are either the key wont turn to unlock the door (this could also be a sign that the multipoint has failed...) or you cannot remove the key after locking or unlocking. in both cases the lock will have to be removed and either repaired or replaced.

Multipoint Lock problems
Has or is it hard to lift/engage the multipoint? do your handles slightly droop down? these can be signs that the multi point is being over worked or the Cam is worn.

In most cases you wont know that there is a problem till the lock fails on you and because of the nature it will either render the door stuck in the locked position or your unable to lock the door. Once failed the multipoint will have to be removed and a replacement fitted.

Upvc Door Locks - upgrade to British Standard for increased security and to comply with Insurance requirements.

As we said earlier Upvc doors have been around for 25 years or so and unless your locks and multipoint system have been fitted in the past 4 or 5 years by a repeatable company you may not have sufficient levels of security to protect your home and its contents or comply with your insurance requirements.

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