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One key to open all locks

Keys, keys and more keys. Have you ever wanted to have to just one key to open all the locks on your property or business? Are you a landlord of multiple properties or HMO and would like to cut the number of keys you need?

Here at LS Locksmiths we can tailor make a solution that suits individuals, businesses and landlords alike so you can limit the amount of keys you require. Our solutions include

Keyed alike
Like the name suggests Keyed alike is to make all locks on a property made to be open by the same single key – this requires all locks to be either cylinder locks like for example Euro locks like found in Upvc/composite doors or lever locks if your property uses a combination of both either the lever locks can be converted to Euro cassettes or you would need two keys to open all locks – this works well for home owners and businesses alike.


Keyed alike locks Nottingham
Example of keyed alike

Master Suite
This works extremely well for landlords with HMO Propertys where tenants have one key to open a main entrance and there own private entrance to a flat, apartment or bedroom and as landlord your key will open main entrance and all individual private entrances – this system can also be scaled up to include multiple different properties that as landlord you can open all main entrances and individual entrances while tenants keys only operate in the buildings they are required in and there own individual private entrances.


Master key suite
Example of a master key system

The pros & cons

Keyed Alike
Keyed alike can make life simpler especially if you have multiple locks on a door say for example on a shop or business premises – recently I installed new locks on a private residence the building had a front and back door and previous owner had installed on each door a sash lock and two deadlocks each lock came with its own key so in total 6 different keys to open and lock both doors, the new owner still wanted the same amount of locks so we built a keyed alike system for them so one key opened all locks on both doors.
This made so much easier in day today use but it’s main drawback would be if a key was lost/stolen then all locks would need to be changed. This is the same for business which as people leave employment you may be required to change all locks they once had access to.


Master suite
Landlords that have multiple properties then a master suite system really is a god send, gone are the days of having a massive amount of keys to each private entrance and building entrance – earlier in the year we was tasked with creating a master suite for a landlord in Nottingham who had 11 HMO properties each HMO contained between 8 and 16 individual private rooms now that’s a lot of keys. This gave the landlord one key to open every lock in all buildings so if one tenant lost there key or was locked out they could be let back in and all the landlord had to do is let us know which building and room number and we could create a new key for the locks from our records – the only downside to this is when the tenant who is locked out contacts there own locksmith without telling the landlord if that locksmith changes the lock then the landlord will need to contact us to remake the lock and key unless managed correctly over time multiple locks may get changed and this can lead to services unable to gain access especially at change over.

LS Locksmiths can build a system tailored to your exact needs and requirements, our keyed alike and master suite locks are quality built to high levels of security – please be aware not all systems are equal!
Our keyed alike and master suite systems are insurance approved and built to last using high quality cylinders and lever locks. Contact our team today to discuss your needs and requirements we can carry out a FREE site assessment and no obligation quote. Call 0115 8320195 and speak to a locksmith.

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