Multipoint locking mechanisms explained

The first line of defence you have protecting you from intruders is your homes locks and the more security you have the more protected your home will be, Multipoint door locks are most commonly fitted to Upvc and composite doors and as the name suggests it’s has multiple locking points that run from the top of your door to the bottom. Most multipoint locking systems are activated when you lift the handle upwards (slam shut multipoint are auto activated) and when you turn the key are locked into position.

Types of locking features on a multipoint locking Mechanisim

Centre bolt or hook

When multipoint locks were first introduced almost all used a combination of a centre bolt and rollers but it was quickly realised that just this combination was not secure enough, the bolt was extended and manufactures started to add additional bolts in a top and bottom position – nowadays most multipoint have moved from bolts to hooks throw in opposing directions so the door cannot be prised open greatly adding even more security.

Inside a multipoint gearbox
Your multipoint gearbox contains a lot of small moving parts that work in combination to lock your external door securely if one part breaks the whole gearbox ceases to work fully or partially – in almost all instances if a gearbox has failed then it is always recommended that the whole gearbox is replaced and not just the faulted part. The exception to this (personally) is if a follower cam has failed in a Millenco 117 – this is a simple task that can save a customer money and will extend the life of the multipoint greatly.

Guide to replace top cam follower on a Millenco 117 multipoint lock

Bellow is the set sequence of parts to remove to replace the failed cam follower it also shows how many parts you can find inside a multipoint gearbox and how they have to all be located in the correct position for it to work correctly – top tip watch out for the ball bearings sat on little springs 👍

Unscrew and remove gearbox cover

Don’t forget after replacing any part or gearbox that you fully service all other moving parts and make sure that the door is correctly aligned in almost all cases of failed multipoint locking mechanisms it is because of alignment issues causing excessive force be placed on the multipoint gearbox this can be done by either adjustment to the door hinges or toe and heel to a Upvc door.

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