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Window Worries

Almost all homes now have double glazed windows and the majority are Upvc double glazed windows, it’s a great choice as it provides superior thermal, noise reduction and security at a affordable price.

Most of us will know how Upvc windows keep the cold and noise out but do you know how a Upvc window locking mechanism works and how it keeps intruders from forcing there way into a property?

A Upvc window locking mechanism consists of three main elements.

1. Upvc window handle
2. Upvc locking mechanism
3. Window keeps/stays

Upvc window handles come in various colours, styles and mostly with there own lockable element essentially they are use to operate the locking mechanism.

The locking mechanism once activated by the Upvc window handle will move rollers or shoot bolts in or out or the window keeps/stays.

Window keeps/stays are securely fixed to the inside of the window frame so when the Upvc locking mechanism rollers or shoot bolts are engaged provide a extremely solid and secure fixed position.

When a Upvc window is in the fully locked position it is almost impossible for a intruder to force it open and is the ultimate deterrent, intruders are looking at the quickest, simplest and quietest way to gain entry and trying to force a fully locked Upvc window is non of those.

So why is the blog post called window worries if Upvc windows are so great?

Just through years of use the wear and tear takes it’s toll on the locking mechanism and when it fails your left with a window that will not lock and a security risk or a window that will not open which is very very frustrating.

So to stop the security risk or frustration the Upvc locking mechanism will need to be removed and replaced with a new fully working one.

Now when the window mechanism has failed in the open position unless it’s ground level it is just a awkward removal and replace but when it’s failed in the locked position then that’s when you really need to have the correct tools and knowledge to get the window open and mechanism replaced.

Here at LS Locksmiths we carry out tasks like this on a daily basis all of our team have been fully trained to use tools that will get your window open with no damage to the window or it’s frame call today for a no obligation quote 0115 8320195

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Upvc window repairs Nottingham