Mad Max Fuel

Fuel in the fire

Nearly as soon as the politicians came on the tv to announce that there was not a fuel shortage and not to go out and panic buy I think half of Nottingham sprung out of their chairs and jumped into there motor vehicles.

As we’ve gone about our business travelling to jobs we’ve gone from seeing the queues blocking streets, trams and buses to the inevitable petrol stations now closed due to selling out.

As a business we didn’t want to add to the chaos we mostly had full tanks and thought we would be able to ride out the madness and not add to it but after a busy working week and weekend we found that we unable to offer a full service with some vans running on fumes alone.

We really hope that now everyone has had there full the stocks should be replenished on the forecourts so we can get back on the road in the shortest time as possible but until then we are unable to offer a emergency locksmith service in Nottingham.

We are still taking bookings for later in the week into next week but this is subject to being able to source fuel for more information please call 0115 8320195

LS Locksmiths Nottingham is not a franchise, we do not sub contract to national locksmith companies. We never charge a call out fee and prices quoted are fixed totals no VAT. LS Locksmiths is local family run locksmiths based in the heart of Nottingham we offer a incredibly fast same day service, thats affordable while only using high quality branded products. Our business counts numerous letting agencies, landlords and returning customers who use and recommend our low cost, fast and service. Call 0115 8320195

After a rough time for all business’s during lockdown this fuel shortage has come at a time when independent businesses like ourselves were just starting to get close to normal, the actions of panic buying fuel will now have a knock on for all of those in the supply chain connected to our business and many others.

One of the biggest concerns we have with a fuel shortage is that this can and will cause chaos for the emergency services so please unless your desperately low on fuel avoid the forecourts and allow stock levels to get back to normal.

My local petrol station sells on average 3,000 litres a week but since the panic buying has sold out 6weeks of fuel in just a few days – meaning most vehicles are full to the brim and do not require a top up…. Remember the toilet roll drama we had? You would have thought we all would have learned our lesson.

Don’t fuel the fire be sensible there’s enough fuel for everyone as long as we don’t take more then what we need. You’ll find it’s a better world we live in if we think more about others, we don’t all want to live in a world that’s straight out a Mad Max movie. Do we?

Mad Max Fuel

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