Cheap Locksmith Nottingham

We all know just how hard January and February can be to budget so when disaster strikes and your hit with a unexpected bill your going to be looking for the cheapest possible price but should your security be put at risk? Here at LS Locksmiths we always provide the most affordable prices for both … Read more

Locksmith Prices Nottingham

Unlike going to the local store and buying a product for a set price for each product, tradespeople like ourself will have varying prices for the same or similar job, if we take an example like gaining entry to a property and why the price will differ. The first factor will depend on the distance … Read more

Composite door repairs Nottingham

Composite doors are hugely popular in Nottingham and are fitted almost all new builds and seen as a great upgrade to wooden and Upvc doors. They have a multipoint locking system that is activated by lifting the handle or automatically on closing that throws a combination of hooks, rollers and bolts and a Euro cylinder … Read more

How to open a upvc door with broken gearbox

Upvc doors have a locks called a multipoint locking system installed, when you lift the handle a gearbox located inside the door behind the handles throws multiple rollers, hooks and bolts creating a secure draft and noise free door. If the gearbox fails due to wear and tear or a fault in the closed position … Read more

How to adjust a Upvc door – Upvc door alignment

Hugely popular in the UK Upvc doors have become a mainstay on most homes, they offer great security combined with a draft free experience but unless maintained they have a habit of dropping down over time causing misalignment and unless treated not only will they not function correctly but will eventually cause a lock failure. … Read more

Our locksmith in Broxtowe Nottingham

No body want to be a vitamin of crime but at this time of the year you need to have your wits about you and make sure that you have the correct security in place. Our locksmith was called out to upgrade locks on a property in Broxtowe, recent break-in’s in the area and unsure … Read more

Our locksmith in Top Valley Nottingham

Today we got a call from a Leicester letting agents to attend one of the properties the manage in Top Valley Nottingham, they had had a new Upvc door fitted Friday but the tenants were not able to lock the door, the fitters were not answering calls so we went out to view and fix. … Read more

Our locksmith in Forest Fields Nottingham

We were called out to attend a lock out situation in Forest Feilds Nottingham today – the lock out was in a shared property HMO and the young tenant had lost the key to their room, its a Saturday so the letting agents were not answering the calls and the occupant needed to get in … Read more