Our locksmith in Old Basford Nottingham

Earlier today we got the call from a business based in Old Basford Nottingham who had taken over new premises in a business park, a store cupboard had been fitted with a digi lock but they didn’t have code to gain access. We were quick to assist.

If you need a locksmith in Old Basford Nottingham we are on hand to assist, our Old Basford locksmith service can be with you in as little as 20mins should you require a emergency locksmith in Old Basford – call 0115 8320195 for FREE advice & quotes.

Digi locks are a great way to give access control with out the need of lots of keys, unlike there name suggests they are not digital but a mechanical combination lock that a user inputs a push button code to be able to unlock the door.

They have a huge raging of uses not just limited to business I personally have one fitted to my back gate as there extremely durable inside and outside and make life easier to secure a area with out the need for keys.

Digi locks range from light to heavy duty and the cost reflects in the duty with models in the heavy duty range costing upwards of £200 for places like retail stores where they are in constant use. More recently a lot of server rooms and filing rooms have been fitted out with digi locks to prevent unauthorised access to personal details.

Even a light duty digi lock offers a decent level of security that with out the correct tools or knowledge will keep people out of a restricted area.

But just like today sometimes you do need to bypass a digi lock to gain entry to a area maybe like today there is no code, the lock has failed or on warrant work.