Our locksmith in Bakersfield Nottingham

We got a early call this morning to attend a property in Bakersfield where a key was stuck in a external Upvc door and would not unlock the property had a side extension so no access to leave the property could be used from the rear and the customer had to leave for work.

Our emergency locksmiths in Bakersfield Nottingham work round the clock to provide a always available Bakersfield locksmith service, our locksmiths in Bakersfield were able to attend in just 15 minutes from our call out centre even at 6am.

Multipoint lock in Bakersfield

On arrival the offending lock was positioned on a set of double Upvc Doors on a porch the key was wedged in a 2 o’clock position this is normally caused buy a failed part in the multipoint gearbox, this could be a complete failure or a minor part like a spring or such has worked its way towards the cam of the Euro and wedged it’s self in tight.

We removed the handles with the help of the customer and used a destructive method to remove the cylinder and then with a cam turner threw the mech and opened the door, the multipoint mech was then stripped out the door and examined.

This was a very old mech with a dual spindle mech, it also had a dog leg to retract the latch via the cylinder, this was out of shape and had caused the cam of the cylinder to become wedged, it was bent back to its correct shape and position and tested.

The multipoint was now working correctly and put back into the door a new cylinder fitted the customer had a working door once again and could happily leave for work.