NCT Poppy Bus

Nottingham City Transport has launched its ‘Poppy Bus’ to commemorate Remembrance Day and for  the WWI Centenary year it will also feature a very tribute to its employees.

“On the back of our Poppy Bus we’ve listed the names of all 224 NCT employees who lost their lives during World War One,” NCT Marketing Manager, Anthony Carver-Smith explains “Over the years Nottingham City Transport has had hundreds of employees who have served personally or have had family members in the armed forces, and so it felt hugely important for us to pay our respects to them.”

NCT created the Poppy Bus last year to launch 2013’s Poppy Appeal for both Nottinghamshire County and Nottingham City. Like last year, this stunning double-decker will travel in and around the city, operating on routes across the NCT network until the end of November. Featuring 100 poppies as part of its livery (to mark 100 years since WWI), its aim is to act as a moving reminder of all those who served, or are still in the Armed Forces and encourage people to donate to this year’s Poppy Appeal.

NCT Poppy Bus

224 names on the rear of the bus represent former employees who lost their lives during WWI. The Nottingham City Transport War Memorial can be found in the Galleries of Justice Museum.

The Company will also be donating £2,500 to the Royal British Legion.

Plus free travel will be offered to all members of the Armed Forces and Veterans on Remembrance Sunday, and drivers and staff will observe the 2 minutes silence at 11am.

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Halloween- No Callers Please

The clocks have gone back and the nights grow dark quickly, this time of year can leave some feeling very vunarable so Notts police have created a handy poster for those that do not wish to recieve “trick or treaters”.

For some it can be a fun time with small groups of children calling round in fancy costume but for other it can be quite a scary time especially as it gets later on in the evening – so those that can print out the poster are asked to stick on your door  to prevent unwanted callers for the whole of the night are from a set time of the evening.


Sorry No trick or treat poster


Have a very happy Halloween from all at LS Locksmiths.



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Recent Server Down Time

Our webhost server/s became unreliable giving us long periods of downtime which we would like to apologies for.

Our hosts have now switched servers and since the changes we’ve had a 100% uptime – in the past our hosts have been reliable but as you’ll be aware as a 24hr emergency service we need to be online for our customers 100% so we will using a cload service that maintains a copy of our most popular website pages chached in the cloud that will always be available. This will give us a 100% uptime of our most importance web pages so in the event of a emergency and you require our services you will be able to view our contact details.

As well as a always online web pages this cached version will increase our already fast site load speed and we have also added SSL to increase site security for our customers.

These changes are taking place as I write so will fully functional within 24hrs.


Update on website changes


I did promises new changes to the site with added information but with the server issue they were put on the back burner, once the site has migrated to the cload caching service I will begin work on the updates.


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National Home Security Month

As days grow shorter and in readiness of the clocks going back October has statistically seen a increase in burglaries and property related thefts so its of the upmost to join in with National Home Security Month.

1/2 of the battle is knowing what criminals look out for to take advantage of. It can be as simple as an opportunist seeing a window that’s been left ajar, or valuables being left out in sight.


Preventing Crime - Home Security

Most burglaries are attempted under the cover of darkness, so it’s of the upmost importance that you don’t make yourself vulnerable – burglars look for the easy targets.

So what can you do to prevent your property from burglars?

It really is as simple as locking your doors and windows at all times, no matter how quiet your area/street/road is.

Alarms are the main deterrent for preventing burglaries, and the stats back it up. Almost 85% of burglars will avoid homes with alarms fitted.

Even having a dummy alarm in a visible place could prevent your home from being the target of burglars.


For more avice or to talk to a professional locksmith about upgrading your security needs call 0115 9870084 

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Changing Locks on new Property

One of our most sought out services in to change locks, the single biggest reason is because the keys have been lost or are missing so for security reasons it’s best to change the lock.

Another reason to change locks is for landlords or letting agents to change the locks after a tenant has vacated, this might seem a chore but it’s better then letting your new tenant risk having his property stolen after a key finds it’s way into a robbers hands.

Old Euro Lock

Old mortice lock

Removing old locks will only take a short time and locksmiths like us will have the exact replacements sizes in stock in our vans and will quickly have them fitted back in.

New mortice lock fitted

New euro lock fitted

All new locks come with spare keys and if required more keys can be cut on site.

Talk to a professional locksmith today about changing locks on your property – call 0115 9870084

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updates to website to include new services

It’s been a very busy month especially over the bank holiday so as the month closes in we look forward to September and what it holds.

A few critical changes will be happening in the very near future, our partnership with a few local businesses will mean a expansion of services we will be able to offer plus we have hired two new dedicated team members to cover CCTV installations and alarm installations.

All services will be added to the website in the next few weeks so keep your eyes open 🙂

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how to fit dead locks to patio doors – sliding patio door dead locks

Sliding patio door dead lock

Sliding patio doors are thin on the ground compared to French style Upvc patio doors but if you do still have a set fitted and would like to add security or because the locking units are becoming scarce for replacements and you need to secure your sliding patio doors we have created a short guide to help assist you in fitting deadlocks to your sliding patio doors.


1. Select a good quality deadlock preferably in the colour of your sliding patio doors

2. Using a pencil mark out your drill points in the correct position (height wise) so it’s accessable by all all need to use the lock.

 Dead lock fitted to sliding patio door

3.use a small enough drill bit so that the screws “bite” and secure the deadlock in position. (A good quality deadlock will come with quality screws but cheaper locks will have cheap screws that snap when you screw)

4. Once the deadlock is secured your next step is to make a hole on the door frame for the dead bolt to fix into securing the door – on the bolt mark with pencil and close the door to its fully closed position, push the key end of the bolt so it’s makes contact with the door frame, this should leave a mark of the bolt and will be your drilling point.

Patio door dead bolt in the closed position

5. Use a large enough drill bit so you can fit the bolt keep that came supplied with the patio door deadlock and push or tap into position and check you deadlock is working correctly.


And that’s it your sliding patio doors now have a deadlock fitted, more locks can be fitted for additional security and locks can be keyed alike so you operate all locks with a single key. For further questions about installing deadlocks to sliding patio doors or to book a member of our team to install patio door deadlocks on your sliding patio doors call us on 01159320195

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Install a keysafe

Need to install a keysafe follow these simple tips to locating and drilling.
Not all keys safes are alike make sure you have the correct keysafe for your premises contact us for more information and free advice on 0115 9870084

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Lock Changes Nottingham Locksmiths

Whether your moving to a new home in Nottingham, lost a key or need to upgrade locks to meet insurance criteria the friendly, qualified and reliable Nottingham locksmith team are on hand. Our locksmiths carry a huge range of locks that will quickly secure your property in just one visit. 

LS locksmiths Nottingham only use quality branded locks that come with a parts and labour warranty that gives piece of mind and great security to boot.

New Home lock change

When you move into a new property in a Nottingham don’t have any doubt in who could have a copy of your key/s and have one of our Locksmith Nottingham team call and change all exterior locks and be assured that only YOU have the only keys to your property. 

Lost or stolen keys

Lost keys and stolen keys are a security nightmare don’t run the risk that these keys can be used to gain entry to your property and have the lock or locks changed straight away. Our locksmiths are on hand day and night and can quickly act in you hour of need so that your property is secured and it’s contents protected.


Upgrade Locks

Do your locks need upgrade? Make sure the locks fitted to your property not only meet insurance criteria but are up to the job of protecting your property.

Get a Free lock security check by one of our qualified Nottingham locksmith team and put your mind at ease or team can visit your home and quickly  if you need a upgrade.

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site updates and new features

Were not one to rest on our laurels so we’ve added a few new features to our already cracking site that we think you’ll like.

New feature for the homepage – we’ve added a 24hr live chat box that connects direct to a locksmith on call 24/7. We hope it will be a valuable tool for customers who need advice or a quote direct from there pc, laptop  or tablet with out the need to call. This has been a feature that we have looked to add for a while but needed it to have smartphone inter gyration which it has now.

New page – we now have a warranty sign up page. All our services and products have always been covered by parts and labour warranty but to make it easier to hold a record we now have a sign up page where a customer can add there details to our warranty database and make sure a record is saved just in case it’s needed in the future. We have also created a new set of business cards with the web address for the warranty sign up page on to make life easy for the customer.

Parts and labour warranty - locksmith Nottingham 

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