Upvc multipoint repairs in Nottingham

When I first started out on the road to locksmithing we would exclusively only deal with wooden doors and the locks they used either just a night latch or a Mortice lock.

Nowadays I find all I ever have to deal with is Upvc door repairs and the multipoint locking systems the use.

Roughly 20yrs ago Upvc doors hit the market and has been the standard ever since, those old drafty wooden doors that grew and shrunk with the seasons were ripped out and a bold white (Mostly) Upvc installed in its place.

Just like every modern product these doors have a set life and so does it’s locking system so some time down the line they were always going to break and need replacing and then a when we are called in.

Upvc doors use a multipoint locking system that involves a combination of hooks, bolts and rollers to keep the baddies out but when the system fails in the locked position it can to lesser mortals prove to be impossible to get open with out damage or the cost of a new door! I say lesser mortals because I do rank us skilled locksmiths as super hero’s! With the right tools and substantial knowledge of how these locking system works we can open the door quickly with no damage to the door what so ever and then set about changing the failed part and getting the door working just like a new one.

In most cases the centre case is where they fail and in most cases just this part will need replacing not the whole system (there are a few sealed units and dead stock out there that will require a full system) meaning the repair bill will be much lower then the expected cost with most repairs coming in under £150 when you think a new door is upwards of £800.

Once we have fitted the new part we will always check the door is fully aligned and working just like it was the first day it was fitted so you’ll have piece of mind that you will have many years of trouble free security on your door.

If you have a issue with a faulty Upvc door lock don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0115 8320195 for free advice and a quote.