Upvc door wont open

You’ve gone to open your Upvc door and it just wont budge, its locked shut. Not only is this a inconvenience but if your the wrong side of the door and don’t have access to another entrance your locked out!

Almost all Upvc Doors are made up of two locking parts, a Cylinder lock where you put the key into and turn and a multipoint lock that you engage by lifting the handle or on really old models repeated turns of the key.

The most common case when a Upvc door wont open is because the multipoint has failed, this can happen due to excessive pressure (normally if the door is misaligned extra pressure is used to lift the handle and engage the multipoint locks) or general wear and tear after years of use.

So to rule out a problem with the cylinder insert your key and turn to unlock, did it turn freely and sound like it unlocked? If yes the Cylinder in fine but the multipoint has broken and will need replacing.turn then there is a chance that just the cylinder has failed and you will be able to remove the cylinder and replace with a new one, but more then likely when the key wont turn it means the multipoint has failed and will need replacing.

The only problem with replacing cylinder locks and replacing multipoint locks when the Upvc door wont open is getting the UPVC DOOR OPEN.

Now unless your a locksmith or a Upvc lock specialist I strongly advise you don’t attempt a DIY approach as this will in almost all cases result in damage to your door, Ive attended many failed attempts of opening a Upvc door and not only can it end up more costly to put right but can also will leave the door with visible damage for its remaining life. You have been warned!

So what should you expect if you call a locksmith to open your Upvc Door?

A fully trained and certified locksmith like LS Locksmiths Nottingham will be able to open the door quickly leaving no damage to the door, frame or parts, a quick check to see what parts have failed and new branded part/s fitted straight away so the door is fully functional and secured to insurance approved British Standards. Plus if you choose a certified locksmiths like LS Locksmiths the replacement parts will be covered with a 10yr guarantee giving you peace of mind.

Don’t be left out in the cold call LS Locksmiths for a No Obligation Quote on 0115 8320195