Our locksmith in Netherfield Nottingham

Today we were called out to fit a key safe to two properties in Netherfield both properties were in the process or redevelopment and with a key safe fitted all the trades could have access without a key holder being present.

Our call out centre is just a couple of miles from Netherfield so for emergency call outs our locksmiths can be Netherfield in as little as 10/15mins. If you require a locksmith in Netherfield Nottingham or need more information on the services we can provide for you in Netherfield please call 0115 8320195

Keysafe or a key safe are a fantastic way to allow access to a property via a key stored securely using a combination to unlock, they have a multitude of uses like,

Allowing access for careers

Allowing access to trades

Allows access for family

Allow access to guests (airBnB)

Keysafe fitting in Nottingham

Secure keysafe fitted in Netherfield Nottingham

adding a keysafe to your property is a secure and cost effective way to give access control, the combination to gain entry to the keysafe can be easily changed with no limit on the amount of times which means access can be taken away as quickly as it was given.

If your thinking of installing a keysafe Nottingham on your property here’s a few tips,

1. Fit a quality key safe.

2. Fit to a solid surface like brick with quality fixings

3. When not in use rotate the combinations from time to time to make sure all is in working order

If you require a keysafe don’t not hesitate to give us a call for a FREE quote and advice.