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We were called out in the early ours to a emergency job in Hyson Green to repair a composite door that would not lock, the door had a Euro thumb turn lock fitted and it would not turn via the know or the key leaving the door unlocked and unsecured.

Our emergency locksmith in Hyson Green Nottingham able to attend in just 15mins after the call was made, and had the correct parts at hand to fix all sorts of issues with all types on doors and locks in one quick visit, if you need a locksmith in Hyson Green or would like to get advice or a quote please call our 24 hour locksmith on 0115 8320195

On arrival our Hyson Green locksmith stripped the handles and lock from the composite door and tested the Euro thumb turn, it was working but the cam had slipped but should not have caused this issue a closer insect in of the multipoint we discovered a wire was in the area of the key way that should not have been there, the wire was bent and must have worked it’s way out of the gearbox blocking the can from turning and wedged it’s self in tight.

Locksmith in Hyson Green
Lock changes

The wire was a spring that controlled the dogleg that is activated by the cam in the cylinder inside the multipoint this spring provides a little resistance when turning the cam so you get feedback that the lock had been activated on or off.

We explained to the home owner in Hyson Green that although the multipoint was still functioning there was a option to replace with a new gearbox this was declined and just a new thumb turn lock was installed.