Our locksmith in Aspley Nottingham

Today we were called out to remove a broken key from a Upvc door in Aspley, the customer was moving out of the property and required us to remove the broken key.

Aspley is just 20mins from our call out centre so if you require a emergency locksmith in Aspley Nottingham or are looking for a local Aspley locksmith for advice or quotes please give us a call on 0115 8320195.

The customer was moving out of the property and while moving boxers and furniture they had caught the key still in the lock/door and snapped it off leaving the key unable to be removed from the cylinder.

This is a very common problem and we charge a set fee to remove the offending part as with the right tools and knowledge this can be a very simple job to do, we do always ask if you have a spare key for the lock as once removed you will need a key to operate the lock as the broken one is redundant now – a new key can be cut from the broken piece but it’s always easier if there’s a spare key on hand.

One of the first tricks ever shown to me was how to remove a broken key, now it will not always work but it’s always worth giving it a go if possible as it will save you from calling out a locksmith, first off you must have a spare key to the lock.

If the key side is correctly aligned with the upper edge at the top or 12 o,clock push the spare key into the other side of the cylinder half way.

Next tap the spare key quickly so it jumps into the lock fully check the other side with the broken key in… and if it’s worked the broken piece should have jumped out enough for you to be able to pull out!

If it has then send me a thank you if not then give us a call 😁